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/ Series / It Seems Like I Got Transmigrated Into An Eroge
It Seems Like I Got Transmigrated Into An Eroge
It Seems Like I Got Transmigrated Into An Eroge
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3.9 (280 ratings)
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I have a brother who's a bonafide Otaku. One time, he introduced me to this game called 'Spirit Infinite'. An Eroge bishoujo game is particularly popular among young lads. Its popularity stems from 15 beautiful heroines.

The game's story revolves around the protagonist named Shin Morino, an idealist of justice and peace. On top of that, a cheat protagonist whose main goal is to stop the world's destruction, but while at it, conquer girls along the way.

Then I, Fukushima Aki, a young adult who died at the age of 19 from a terminal illness. Living in the hospital, nearly my entire teenage life, shackled unto my bed, but that all changed when I died. I was granted a second chance to live a new life. However, that second chance was to live in the world of Spirit Infinite, the same game that my brother introduced to me.

What's more, I'm not even the protagonist but a nobody... With a handsome face? Who am I?

Nonetheless, with this second chance, I will live my life to the fullest!


Notes: Not really modern, it's a mix of medieval and modern with some technology elements.

[Discord Server Link!]

If you want to support me and get early access to chapters:

I do not own the artwork, if you are the illustrator just let me know if you want me to remove it. (Only using it temporarily)

Posting it in Royalroad.

Work of fiction. All the names, places, and events are all purely based on the author's imagination. Any resemblance to an actual person or events is purely coincidental.

AdultComedyEcchiFantasyHaremIsekaiMatureSchool LifeSmut
Academy BDSM Beastkin Demons Dragons Elves First-time Intercourse Handsome Male Lead Magic Magic Beasts Male Protagonist Monster Girls Mythical Beasts Netori Nudity Obsessive Love Polygamy R-18 Reincarnated into Another World Reverse Rape Succubus Sword And Magic Transmigration Transported into a Game World Yandere
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 66: days? hours? lost track...

    Yeah this story is really bad. At first as you start reading its tolerable, but the more you read the sicker you become of it.

    The 1st 50 chapters you feel that the MC is treated like a child at best ore a NTR protagonist at worst with all the secrecy and nobody taking him seriously. After 50 chapters he becomes the standard Japanese protagonist, putting himself in a lower position among his women and that sort of crap if you watched 1 harem anime you know what I'm talking about. He loses his spine and balls thought there is doubt he ever had any, what in the whole story him changing his opinion on the fly.

    The characters are copy pasted from any harem anime ever made without 1 original point.

    The author changes the story or forgets parts of his own lore.


    Like the god of gods gives him a new life but as a consequence his soul is weak till hes 18, along comes a cat and overcomes what the god of gods cold not do so that the MC can have s*x of course this is explained the next chapter as a reason why he survived


    This story is only for somebody driven by s*xual desire. That is as long as you are fine with the MC drinking his own cum and licking armpits. My suggestion go beat your meat to pornhub or some hentai they have stories with more depth and originality.

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    48 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 26: revenge of the princess (1)

    (written assessment using google translator)

    i was really enjoying this novel until about princess lily's birthday party, from that moment I started to feel more frustrated than amused reading it.

    you know, I hate tsunderes, honestly I hate them, and yet, of all the heroes presented so far the first one presented who unexpectedly is a tsundere, in my opinion is the best.

    alright you can say it's just the beginning and true character development hasn't taken place yet, but please it's hard to keep reading until serious development when you just want to grab your computer and play out the window due to frustration.

    if you are seeing this review before you start reading, REMEMBER the BDSM and Reverse rape tags, because the MC is suffering both. At this point I honestly don't know if the protagonist is so dumb that he hasn't been touched by so many obvious signs or if he's just trying to ignore the truth.

    The MC is basically raped every night in his sleep by his teacher and maybe her maid too (not sure about the maid yet), and for some reason he seems okay with that? I predict he's going to end up becoming that kind of protagonist that, just because the other party is a woman, then it's okay to do whatever she wants with him as long as he's got that shot of pu**y juice.

    I usually like perverted MCs, honestly, though not to the level of a DxD Issei, but I still like them as it gives them an incentive to interact with other characters and usually they're not that serious and/or dark, but the type of perverts like the MC are beyond what I can handle.

    the world has not yet been widely presented since until now MC is only "training", training in quotes why? Because the only thing his "teacher" taught him was how the world works and then he threw it in to get beaten up by his maid with the excuse presented to "spice up your fighting instincts", which frankly speaking was stupid.

    yes, he learned to fight, but he learned to fight in a totally wrong way, all on the basis of pure instinct and trying to copy the moves that the maid was doing.

    as for the sword he should learn, so it seems the only thing he learned was how to swing the sword thousands of times, posture, technique, footwork, or anything else needed to practice a fighting style, he wasn't taught none of that.

    at this point I feel like MC is more of a toy for the women around him.

    I'll try to keep reading to see how far I can stand, if things start to improve or I'm wrong about what I wrote, I'll edit or delete the review, but until then, that's it.

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    26 Likes · Like
    Status: caught up
    At first, it was an alright smut novel, the writer tried really hard to edit his work on this novel, but man after about fifty chapters he stopped trying to improve. It became mostly explicit scenes without the same level of skill we saw before. No build up in some cases.
    It's difficult for me to read it anymore and some of the kinks are just not for me. I won't be rating lower than 3 stars, because that's not fair. It's just not for me. Good luck, author.

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    16 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 33: familiar face

    Feel bad for MC. &Nbsp;Has a useless master. &Nbsp;Is used by his master and lied to constantly. &Nbsp;The author tries to make excuses for it but they are crap. &Nbsp;  MC is a beta character at best. &Nbsp;Says he will never do something then half a chapter later he is fine with it. &Nbsp;Tried to read in hopes of his balls dropping and standing up for himself but that won’t happen as the author has made it clear

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    15 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 116: get off!

    Do you love smut? Well, wait some 60 chapters and take the series of badly written smut afterwards and drown in it.

    Do you like seeing your MC being an apparent 'sigma male' in the earlier chapters before slowly turning into an absolute doormat while still maintaining the personality of a sigma male? Dive right in.

    Do you like seeing your MC get r*ped and immediately afterward accepting it and being ok with it just because the girl is apparently cute, like the doormat he is? Chapters 108-113 is just the thing for you.

    Do you like seeing your MC be a normal h*rny teenager in the beginning who turns into an absolute idiot who's a slave to his d*ck? Oh don't worry, this is an "eroge". If a character is a woman, then clearly, that's an ok sign for the MC to lust after her (in his mind).

    Do you like seeing your MC being said to be very strong but watching him struggle in nearly every fight in the story? It's sprinkled in everywhere here so walk right in.

    Do you like seeing action scenes where either the MC or the opponent randomly pulls something ridiculous out of their *ss without any warning? Well, enjoy.

    Do you like seeing nonsensical things happen for no reason with no buildup or hype or foreshadowing, which is later explained after everything is over and doesn't matter anymore? Oh, you won't be disappointed then.

    And most of all, do you like seeing a budding interesting story with decent lore go to absolute waste because of incomprehensible paragraphs, stupidly done romance and a passive doormat of an MC disguised as an utter chad?...

    This is a frustrating story. If you choose to read, your interest will go steadily upwards, spike a little whenever there's a satisfying moment (usually MC actually NOT struggling in a fight, or when there's smut) and then your interest will do a swan dive and go downwards from the start of the academy arc that was hinted at since the start of the story.

    If you're the kind of reader whose only thoughts when reading is "hehe, MC get girl", then you can try this story. If you're the kind of reader who values meaningful plot or decision making by the characters, then this is NOT for you.

    For the reader who values meaningful romance or plot and is NOT swayed by the "it's an eroge, dude" excuse, this story is absolutely not for you. F*ck. Chapter 113 is easily the most fury-inducing thing I've read in a very long while.

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    12 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 29: conversation with lily

    The story started out fairly well but the last couple of chapters have really thrown me for a loop. The MC seemed like he woke up but then went from one sentence of recognizing the stupidity of the women around him to making excuses for them. I kind of lost interest then. Not a bad story so read if you want but I will be waiting for a re-write.

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    11 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 114: intermission (lars and erik)

    i really liked the beginning of the novel with the MC going from powerless to powerful and dealing with the things that are different from the game but after some time the MC just stopped being endearing and became an a**hole, not that I don’t like these kind of characters in fact them are my favourite kind but what makes the MC annoying is that he never seems to learn from his mistakes also helped by the fact that there isn’t any consequence for his actions. So to summarize, interesting story and characters but the MC is just plain unlikable

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    8 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 68


    I think the novel is pretty good, but you need to read until you catch up to understand better why something happens

    • The story is good, but the author need a editor because there is sometimes a word is missing or unnecessary word.
    • The caracters is a little better than the other normal novels, it doesn't be like: "oh, you saved me, I love you", at least.  (I will try to discribe about every caracter in the end)
    • World build, there's a reason why there wasn't much of world build but apparently it will start to have more or less now (chapter 50+), if you want to know 

      the church is "hostile" to the MC and like, the soul of the MC is no enough connected to the body

    • Smut/mature, cool but s*x hasn't happened yet, for 2 reasons 1° MC is 10-16 in the story until now and (the spoiler is bugging the review so I will write a little later) but there was bl*wj*b, kisses and the MC masturbating a girl
    • Now I'm going to explain some things (spoilers)
    • The Smut/mature part was that his master is a succubus and that the girl is lily
    • Stephanie (tsundere) : was not used in the beginning and then she improved a little around chapter 45
    • Lily (hated/didn't like the MC at the start) : there was personal growth but she separated from MC so he could explore the world (I write this in a reader view, there was another motive in the novel)
    • The other ones are like ok and there won't be a misunderstand
    • Other thing that are explained after but is good to know is that his mastes Irene Weiss is mortal wounded 

    And yeah, if you want, you can send me a message and I can explain better. 
    sorry for the english


    That was the review until chapter 50 but now it is just all about s*x ;-; 

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    8 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 13: Intermission(Stephanie)

    the beginning of the story is very good and full of anticipations for how the protagonist can become strong, besides some mystery.

    I think the story is well underway and being honest, knowing that this protagonist does not do irrational attitudes is good, I hope it stays that way.

    I recommend reading!!

    finally, I think one of the problems with this story is that it has few chapters and waiting for them to be released is very sad.

    (I'm waiting for the elf who hates men to show up and mistake him for a woman, then deepen her friendship with him until she finds out he's really a man)

    Read More

    7 Likes · Like

    So I'm totally dropping this it feels boring. More so when there's such complicated things. I mean it's Eroge right? Why does it has to have fighting and magic and swordsmanship or whatever.

    He's constantly lied by his own women around him despite himself being so honest, I mean how much of a wussy one has to be for being like him. When this kind of things happen again and again it kinda starts giving of vibe like being played with yet you happily oblige and get yourself played.

    Read More

    4 Likes · Like
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