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/ Series / Peerless Twin Spears Of Douluo Dalu
Peerless Twin Spears Of Douluo Dalu
Peerless Twin Spears Of Douluo Dalu
32.5k Views 479 Favorites 103 Chapters 4 Chapters/Week 132 Readers
4.1 (7 ratings)
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THIS IS A TRANSLATION: Since being picked up by that woman, his life has changed. His Martial Spirit has been awakened, he has Innate Full Spirit Power and Twin Martial Spirits. From this moment on, a Death God, Killing God, an Assassin God has awoken.

Su Yi: "Bibi Dong, I will protect you. If you want this world, I will give you this world. If Gods block you, I will kill those Gods, if Demons block you, I will slaughter those Demons!

One Spear is the Chaos Supreme Spear, the other is a Heaven's Eye Soul Extinguishing Rifle. One for the body, the other for the soul.

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I will not be giving links to the raws, because I want you to suffer and find them yourselves! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

ActionAdventureDramaFanfictionFantasyHaremMartial ArtsRomance
Soul Land/Douluo Dalu
Academy Blacksmith Harem-seeking Protagonist Martial Spirits Reincarnation Soul Power Twins
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Table of Contents
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