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Clara’s Journey
Clara’s Journey
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Clara (Clarina Amaryllis Pragdina)

The protagonist.

Because of the rudiment in her body, Clara is frequently sick and rarely leaves her house. She didn't know much about her mother because her father always refused to talk about the subject.

Childish, full of curiosity, determined. She loves reading books and eating sweets. 


He is an orphan who became an adventurer at age of fourteen. Eight years later he got fatal injuries and must early retirement. Eight years later, he was fatally injured and had to retire early. After that, he always changed jobs because he felt he hadn't found the perfect job. One day, he met up with old friends Neet and Shina. Then he also became uncle's bodyguard until now.

His relationship with Clara is like brother and sister. They tease each other frequently.

He has advanced-level swordsmanship. 


Pedro from Kiri Village. He is a seasoned adventurer who is very dependable. He is a simple person and just wants to spend his whole life in the village with his mother and sister. But due to various events, he ended up becoming an adventurer.

He saw the similarity in character between Clara and her sister. So he tried to stop Clara from having the same fate as her sister.

He has advanced swordsmanship, the peak of archery, and Authority of Penetration.


Lial of Kanan Village. He is Pedro's childhood friend as well as his party member. He has a romantic relationship with Pedro's little sister but, well, this and that happens.

He too saw Clara's resemblance to Pedro's sister so he was very adamant to go with Pedro's plan.

Mastered War God Techniques. Adventurer with a promising future.


Henry's best buddy. Born from merchant lineage, he is a calculative man. Originally he just wants to get a connection with the Pragdina family but ended up being Henry's best friend.

He was once an adventurer duo with Henry. Someday he took an arrow in the knee and got a permanent injury. After that, he back becomes a merchant and takes over the family business.

Henry Pragdina

Clara's father. He was born in a prominent magician household. His ancestor was one of the grand magicians who create Zariya City. But he grew to hate his family after knowing the various experiments they did.

He ran away and became an adventurer. Someday, he falls in love with his fellow adventurer. And then Clara was born.


The current leader of Adventure Alliance. A mysterious person whose truth about him is eager for everyone to know.

Heroes City of Denia

The city is full of history. Its location beside the Abyss; act as a connection between the northern and southern continent. Adventure Alliance HQ is also located in this city.

Human Empire

There were chaotic periodic after a catastrophic event 300 years ago. Even when faced with the threat of extinction, humans still fight each other.

Until finally mysterious woman called Tsaritina unified all the southern lands and established the Human Empire.

Demi-Human Kingdom

A group of various Demi-Human tribes who submit to The Great King Solomon. They are located in the north and have frequent wars with Human Empire.

One side wants to reclaim their land and the other side wants to protect their homeland.

The Abyss

Bottomless abyss. Until now only Legendary Adventurers can come back after going to explore it.

Another entrance is from Dragon Valley which is guarded by Asura Clan.


The alternative dimension that begins to appear 300 years ago.

Zariya City

Known as the Land of Magicians. It is also famous 'cause crime high rate.

How Magic Work

First, the magician must draw/imagine magic they wish to use in their soul.

Then they manifest it to the world through chanting. 

Note: There are many ways to use magic. Chanting is the most used.



Proficiency Level

Generally speaking, swordsmanship, archery, spearmanship, etc, are divided into Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Peak levels.

Unlike a mage, a warrior has either train famous techniques, such as the Death God Technique, the War God Technique, etc or develop their own technique.


God Authority that split all over the world. Authority is absolute and only can be countered by other authorities.


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