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Ian Cloud (MC)'s Status

(AS of Chapter 105)

[ Name: Ian Cloud. 

Alias: Lan Storm (Fake)

Level: Human (other worlder) LV.17 

Attribute: Lightning & Thunder

Age: 16.5


 • Stats : 

Strength: 13.55 (135.5)

Constitution: 14.44 (144.4)

Agility: 10.77 (107.7)

Dexterity: 10.584 (105.8)

Perception: 4.6 (46)

Wisdom: 10.57 (105.7)

Intelligence: ???

Dual-element: 3.28 ( Lightning, Thunder )

-> stats in () are converted to normal stat points.

Unassigned stat points: 0


• Skills :


= Active:

- 'Dual Swordsmanship' lv.1

- 'Swordsmanship' lv.3 (Special*)

- 'Spearmanship' lv.2 (Special*)

- 'Axe Art' lv.2 (Special*)

- 'Hammer Style' lv.2 (Special*)

- 'Bowmanship' lv.2 (Special*)

- 'Craftsmanship' lv.1 (Special*)

- 'Material Processing' lv.2 (Special*)

- 'Dismantling' lv.10

- 'Mental Map' (Special)

- 'Blood essence contract' lv.1

- 'Eye of Knowledge' lv1 (Unique)

= Passive:

- 'Weapon Resonance' lv.1

- ‘Weapon-Mastery' lv.2

- 'Sword-Mastery' lv.3

- 'Axe-Mastery' lv.2

- 'Spear-Mastery' lv.2

- 'Hammer-Mastery' lv.2

- 'Bow-Mastery' lv.2

- 'Lightning resistance' lv.8


• Techniques:

- 'Cell Mastery' (Special**)

- ‘Swift steps’ lv.7 


• Abilities :

= Talent:

- 'Omni-Mastery' lv.3

= Affinity:

- 'Sword-Affinity (E)'

- 'Spear-Affinity (F)'

- 'Axe-Affinity (F)'

- 'Hammer-Affinity (F)'

- 'Bow-Affinity (F)’

= Energy:

- 'Weapon Harmony' 

- 'Sword Energy (E+)'

- 'Spear Energy (E-)'

- 'Axe Energy (E-)'

- 'Hammer Energy (E-)'

- 'Bow Energy (E-)'

= Body:

- 'Ambidextrous'

- 'Thunder Physique'

- 'Lightning Physique'

= Mind:

- 'Telekinesis'


• Titles:

- ‘He who overcame a life of difficulties’ {Ch45}

- ‘Weapon Master’

- ‘Rabbit Hunter’

- ‘Viper Hunter’

- ‘Croc Hunter’

- ‘Ape Hunter’

- ‘Dual Wielder’ ( Limited )

- ‘King of Thunder Forest’

- 'Harmony Master'


• Achievements:

- ‘He who overcame desperation’

- ‘Master of 5 weapons’

- ‘Hunting 100 Rabbits’

- ‘Hunting 100 Vipers’

- ‘Hunting 100 Alligators’

- ‘Hunting 100 Apes’

- ‘killing the strongest lifeform of Thunder Forest’

- ‘Harmony between 5 energies’ ]

Ian Cloud (MC)'s Items

• Items:

1.[ 'Spatial ring' (Special****) 

Restriction: can be used only by Ian Cloud*.

Description: A spatial tool that holds an independent space, allowing the user to store & take out anything at will through mind connection. Has two special effects.

Effect 1: Immediate synchro*. (passive)

Effect 2: Overload*. (one-time use, active)

Space size: 200 cubic meters*.]

2.[ ‘Lightning Cloud Sword’ lv.??? (Unique*)


*Item Skill - 'Transformation'

- Current forms: 1st - ( Great Sword ) ]

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      New Charizma
      Status: ch. 146
      Sep 20, 2019

      A solid novel based around getting stronger and fighting. 

      • Main Character: The MC is a smart enough to try to think things through, but isn't afraid to jump into a battle when needed. His system is thorough and thought out well enough that it doesn't have any major issues so far.
      • World-Building: As of yet, there is a little world-building but enough to create some curiosity. 
      • Characters Development: Side-characters are few, though I don't find that to be a negative. 
      • Writing: The writing is solid with little to no grammatical errors. 
      • Negatives: The only real negative for me is the short chapters, but that is just a matter of time and not a legitimate complaint.

      It has the potential to get a higher rating in another few hundred chapters. If you want teamwork and friendship, then this novel is probably not for you, at least at this point.

      Read More

      1 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 52 – shopping
      Jun 18, 2019

      Overall good read, has an alright balance of most things need in a good novel except that there isn't much interaction with other characters.

      Read More

      5 Likes · Like Permalink
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