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/ Series / Nusantara Fantasy : Re-Start
Nusantara Fantasy : Re-Start
Nusantara Fantasy : Re-Start
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This story would be remade or continue when I have a mood to do so,
Please add a comment at evaluation section to motivate me
What will you do when you are wake up in another world? will you life will be different? will you act as your fullest desire?

In this world, There were skill, magic and other mysterious power. Skill is a special limited power that could be gained by learning throught grimore. while was an almost unlimited power that need tallent and knowledge. and other power? Let's see as the story begin.

Our MC was an other-worlder that was summoned to this world. He was not one of deathly character bcuz all his skill was passive. So, power was not his main advantages.

Our story is begin from middle, So, to answer those question...we must wait for some flasback or special event, hehe. be patient...πŸ˜…

Writer Note:
i see the contest, and whaaa...i may try itπŸ˜…
this is actualy my first 4 discounted story from the past, i just try to continue this now cuz of this contest as my motivation.Though, i dont really have a high hope for that.
Cuz this was my first story in this website...
i might need many suggestion and support.
and this was 'sometimes' slow paced, especially in important event.

I might be continued to write this story soon,
Please gimme an advice how far i must change the story.

Disclaimer: The picture is my drawing from years ago, at that moment, i might still copying other works, especially the one i find on google. so yeah, the pict is plagiatism? idk... if you dont like it, i will just take ir down. just tell me.

ActionAdventureDramaFantasyIsekaiLitRPGRomanceSeinenSlice of Life
Adventurers Alternate World Artifacts Chuunibyou Delusions Early Romance Evolution Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Game Elements Healing Heroes Immortals Kingdoms Male Protagonist Marriage Monsters Reincarnation RPG Seven Deadly Sins Student-Teacher Relationship Unique Weapons Weak Protagonist World Tree
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