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/ Series / It’s a Wonderful Life
It’s a Wonderful Life
It’s a Wonderful Life
29.4k Views 1463 Favorites 69 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 270 Readers
4.6 (20 ratings)
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Ira is a transmigration System that guides his Hosts through various worlds and missions. His job is simple; make sure that they obey the rules, keep complete records of everything they do, and stay close to them in Tutorial Mode. Aside from this, he can do whatever he wants.

Watching TV shows, gorging himself on chocolate, and staying as far away from his Hosts as he can, Ira has it pretty good.

Lately, though, something has started to go wrong. And it has something to do with that soul that won’t leave him alone.

Boys LoveComedyFantasySci-fiSlice of Life
Apathetic Protagonist Appearance Changes Appearance Different from Actual Age Body Swap Character Growth Devoted Love Interests Doting Love Interests Friendship Love Interest Falls in Love First Non-human Protagonist Parallel Worlds Transmigration Unconditional Love World Hopping World Travel
  1. 7.8Apr 4, 2021
  2. 7.7Mar 28, 2021
  3. 7.6Mar 21, 2021
  4. 7.5Mar 14, 2021
  5. 7.4Feb 21, 2021
  6. 7.3Feb 14, 2021
  7. 7.2Feb 7, 2021
  8. 7.1Jan 24, 2021
  9. 6.11Jan 17, 2021
  10. 6.10Jan 10, 2021
  11. 6.9Jan 3, 2021
  12. 6.8Dec 20, 2020
  13. 6.7Dec 13, 2020
  14. 6.6Dec 6, 2020
  15. 6.5Nov 29, 2020
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      Status: c5.10
      Aug 31, 2020

      I am in love with this story.

      I should've paced my reading more, not finishing it in one sitting but I just couldn't it was sooooo gooood. 

      Recommended if you want to read something new for a change.

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      2 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c7.1
      Feb 13, 2021

      There are a plenty of reasons why I read this one (and maybe you found some of yours too) :

      1. MC is a system. Not a human that turns into a system. A real real system. What makes him pretty funny, founding many subjective subjects important and obvious and others that we would found common as totally crazy lol.
      2. His relationship with ML is great. Author-sama focus into how ML listen and ask for permission and all the other elements that a healthy relationship must have, so you can keep always supporting them together!!!
      3. Shows the system perspective of many hosts that are the common QT character, and allow us to see how unfair they may be to their systems. That kind of makes you reflective when reading other QT novels (o´▽`o).
      4. Our little System definitely isn't a white lotus, and that's make lots of sense and gives more profundity to his character.

      To resume: highly recommend!!! Take your time (I'm actually a little sad to have rushed my reading hahahaha) and have fun~~~ 

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      1 Likes · Like Permalink
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