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/ Series / Reincarnated as a Cheat Vampire
Reincarnated as a Cheat Vampire
Reincarnated as a Cheat Vampire
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4.2 (68 ratings)
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 14: At the edge of...

    • A good novel that - although having a rather quick start - suits the style he seems to be going for rather well. Though, of course, it seems this all could still be considered something of a 'prologue' before the main character begins to branch out into the world more - I won't mention anymore on the plot.
    • As for grammar etc.... Well, the author simply seems to know the language so you should have no issues in reading it (basically means no way on earth the novel should get a 1 star review but everyone knows that's not the case).
    • Characters we haven't seen much of but the main character at least seems likable so won't show any distain; except for certain pricks that appear in every novel but are never less easy to hate.
    • Updates seem to be quite common but I am worried the author may burn himself out from posting too much - once a day can be quite taxing if it's your first time (I know because I did it myself and had to switch to weekly instead) - but he seems on break to prepare for a new arc which I imagine will be the 'branching out' I talked about earlier so perhaps he writes ahead of time and just posts later? Does seem like the healthier option!

    All in all, a good and promising start and seems to be worthy of the explosion I've saw (can't say I'm not a little jelly >w>). Hope the author can soldier on and continues to enjoy writing as much as I enjoyed reading~♥

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    Status: chapter 13: i…love you…

    Definitely the work of a beginner author.

    Often fails to consider what certain actions say about a character, such as the father demanding his supposedly sick daughter come to his study after suddenly waking up from a coma, and then acting as though he's beside himself with worry and concern over her health.

    Also shoe-horns in enemies just for the sake of keeping up the battle tension, without rhyme or reason, such as having a random wild monster that is stronger than any other monster in the area just so happen to appear out of nowhere after they have finished up with a battle that was actually alright up until that point.

    The author just seems to be throwing ideas together and does not quite consider how they make things appear or whether or not it makes sense.

    Don't want to be too harsh because the writer is very obviously a beginner, but for the sake of an objective rating, I have to say that this is really not a good story.

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