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/ Series / How to survive the worst novel ever written
How to survive the worst novel ever written
How to survive the worst novel ever written
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Oscar has spent a great deal of his time reading romance novels in order to be able to criticize them on his website. Everything seems to be going well for him, since he´s got a large number of followers who support him, make reading recommendations and are delighted with his way of attacking unoriginal works.
But what would happen if Oscar suddenly transmigrated into one of those novels he criticized?
What if he landed right into the worst of them all?
No, more than that... What would happen if he reincarnated as the cannon fodder fated to die by the hands of the villain?

(Also posting at

Boys LoveComedyHistoricalRomanceSlice of Life
Alternate World Antihero Protagonist Awkward Protagonist Bookworm Character Growth Clever Protagonist Comedic Undertone Different Social Status Doting Love Interests European Ambience Heartwarming Hiding True Identity Love Interest Falls in Love First Misunderstandings Mysterious Past Nobles Parody Reincarnated into Another World Reincarnation Slow Romance Social Outcasts Transmigration Unconditional Love Underestimated Protagonist Unlucky Protagonist
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    Status: last chapter on tapas

    Fun and sweet story of Oscar, a transmigrated young man who tries and mostly succeeds at navigating in the world of a novel where the protagonist are... interesting?! And by interesting I mean slightly psychotic, with a touch of white lotus and completely unreasonable 😂 But most of the funny parts exists because of their obliviousness and selfishness that makes them see the world the way they want to see it, and absolutely NOT how it truly is. But back to Oscar, who deals with everything with a heavy touch of sarcasm which is everything <3 He is funny, sarcastic, down to earth and just doesn't want to be bothered by following the plot. 

    Something I particularly enjoyed here is how love is portrayed between Oscar and... *find out by yourself :P* It's discret but true, you can feel the trust they have between each other, the friendship, the implicit understanding without having to verbalise everything : there is a kind of certainty of how much they care even before any kind of confessions, I had not seen it before in any other novel and it's refreshing and sweet <3

    Anyway, read it and make your own mind in this, I highly recommend it! 

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