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/ Series / Loopkeeper (Mind-Bending Time-Looping LitRPG)
Loopkeeper (Mind-Bending Time-Looping LitRPG)
Loopkeeper (Mind-Bending Time-Looping LitRPG)
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"We know how it ends. We know how we die. And then the Loop begins anew."

On the thirteenth day of Harvest, a mysterious woman enters Haven’s house of government and unleashes a devastation unlike anything seen in this world before. Lonely police recruit, Sham, is caught in the blast—and with it is thrown back in time nine days armed with a Legendary new skill.

Now, he has just over a week to find this would-be terrorist before she can destroy the city of Haven and take countless lives in the process.

But an investigation like this is never so simple. Dark cabals sell black market skill vials in the shadows. A strange new church emerges from nothing. Trained operatives pursue Haven’s future saviour.

And the voices in Sham’s head seem to be getting louder.


Updates Wednesdays and Sundays.

Anti-social Protagonist Antihero Protagonist Based on a Video Game Cunning Protagonist Game Elements Game Ranking System Loner Protagonist Male Protagonist Mysterious Illness Mystery Solving Poor Protagonist Skill Assimilation Skill Books Time Loop Time Manipulation Time Paradox Time Travel Weak Protagonist
Table of Contents 48
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Table of Contents
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    New dahoosa
    Status: c43

    Hidden gem! Excellent writing, dialogue, characterization, and grammar. Can't believe this story has so few readers. The worldbuilding gives me somewhat of a noir mystery vibe that I totally dig. Every skill exists for a reason and serves its purpose masterfully, as well as coming with its fair share of demerits. Sham himself is relatable in that he is simple-minded yet complex at the same time.

    Everything is great. Break the loop, bro!!

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