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/ Series / Record of Lundeir
Record of Lundeir
Record of Lundeir
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In the world of Lundeir, no creatures are known to be more powerful than the mighty and ancient Dragons. When a Dragon's scale is one day shattered, its shards scattered across the land, that power runs rampant.

For Misha, a mousefolk and dutiful guard of a forest village, life is simple and familiar. But when a stranger appears with news of something amiss in the forest, that familiarity is threatened.

[New chapters every other Friday.]

Beast Companions Bisexual Protagonist Dragons Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Gods Humanoid Protagonist Magic Magic Beasts Monsters Multiple POV Multiple Protagonists Non-human Protagonist Romantic Subplot Sickly Characters Sword And Magic Sword Wielder Wizards World Travel
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Table of Contents
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