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/ Series / Rise of the Vampire Queen
Rise of the Vampire Queen
Rise of the Vampire Queen
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After dying, a man is tasked with destroying a corrupt empire and religion by the very gods that oversee this other world. The races have gone stagnant and need to be balanced again. Thanks to the Goddess of Chaos, he, now she, is starting from level 1 as a female vampire, the last of her kind.

Not afraid to kill to protect what she chooses and with emotions and thoughts that sometimes run contradictory to themselves. Together with companions she meets or that are forced upon her by the gods, she must become strong enough to kill her enemies without becoming hated by the world. Eventually, creating a home worthy of a Vampire Queen.

Warning, this story will contain strong language, gore, sexual abuse, and mental illness. This is not an erotic novel and does not include explicit sex.

The vampires in this story are also not the traditional blood-crazed or evil vampires of some stories. They are simply one race among others, that have unique characteristics such as needing to sustain themselves with the blood of monsters, and a severe weakness to light. Please don't expect any vampires to go feral, lose their sense of reason, or have other similar reactions.

Cover photo was taken by, and belongs to, me.

ActionAdultAdventureFantasyGender BenderGirls LoveIsekaiLitRPGMature
Alternate World Assassins Beautiful Female Lead Calm Protagonist Character Growth Corruption Depictions of Cruelty Dungeons Empires Fantasy World Hard-Working Protagonist Level System Magic Male to Female Monsters Overpowered Protagonist Pragmatic Protagonist Race Change Religions Ruthless Protagonist Sexual Abuse Slow Growth at Start Transported into Another World Vampires Weak to Strong
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Table of Contents
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    This story feels like a poor copy paste of the other gender bent vampire girl story on this site, with the only difference being that the protagonist in this story has an actual goal. 

    That goal being eradicating all of the stinky evil humans and replacing them with sweet fluffy partially mind controlled vampires. (Not a spoiler, its explained in the 1st chapter)

    The author goes to lengths explaining how nice the vampires were before the evil humans annihilated them. I can see that the author is trying to subvert the 'vampires are evil' trope, but it is done badly here, vampires requiring permission and their victims having to answer a 'yes or no' system prompt to be turned just didn't sit right with me.

    The first companion to the protagonist felt terribly forced,


    considering she was just a random injured person she found in a forest and was promptly turned into a progenitor vampire. Granted it was necessary to heal her injuries but then she proceeds to explain her goals of murdering the emperor and the church to this complete stranger she found in the woods.

    The level of naivety exhibited here by what was introduced as a jaded and logical protagonist made me drop this story

    All in all the story was misleading and disappointing to me.

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    18 Likes · Like
    Status: 23 – first contact

    I've read many stories in this genre and this is far and away one of the best. From the title and the tags you might think it's one of those gory p*rn stories that are unfortunately common on this site, but it's anything but.

    I definitely recommend reading it. 

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    14 Likes · Like

    (Updated 17-10-21)

    With the story farther along I feel like I can ann a more comprehensive review.

    Overall, the story is well written and works towards a goal in a "realistic" way. 

    The world building and system of the world make sense to me. If anything, I would call this LitRPG-lite. Yes it has stats, but you don't have constant stat sheets. Especially when the MC eventually becomes OP. (Mind the tags, Weak to Strong and Overpowered Protagonist)

    The characters seem realistic and are there to help the story as a whole. They each have their orlwn personalities, which I enjoy. Unimportant people aren't named, so I don't feel like I have to remember any names that will never be used again. From the snipits we get when the other characters aren't around the MC, they all have their own lives and don't simply revolve around the MC. This makes them feel more real and not simply as an entourage of hanger-ons. When there are other Pov's, it is to help explain or show something that helps the story or shows different reactions to the MC.

    The MC also grows as a person throughout the book. Their actions are thought out, and they adapt to the situations they are presented with. There also aren't random fights or other situations that are tossed in randomly. 

    The grammar is excellent, and the book seems well thought out. I am continuing to enjoy it. So much so that I really don't want it to end. 

    If there is anything else I can say, it's that this book broke my expectations, especially the recent chapters. The fist dozen or so chapters are slow, but build the world and describe the basics. After about ch 20 is when the book really starts to come into its own. For all of the tags it has, it really doesn't lean heavily on any single one. To me, the story is as much about the growth of the MC as a person as it is about any other theme. 

    Kerp uo the good work, Author!

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    10 Likes · Like
    Status: c21

    A decent isekai with a generic world building and races. Worth a read if you are interested. 

    As a big fan of vampires I'd not recommend it for others like myself, the vampires in this story like in many others are a doomed race if one can call an immortal blood drinking humans really a race of their own. 

    The only real homage to vampires is they are not keen on light, drink blood and that is about it. They are not really undead ether as they need oxygen and have a pulse. Which is fine all in all but odd to write about them without really writing about an interesting premise as there is no real reason to deviate from common concept based on what I've read. 

    So  for the doomed part is due to only being able to procreate is by one of the 4 races, humans. 

    With no real way to actually gain more numbers naturally, making them a dying or dead race as their ability to raise numbers is strongly hampered as not even all vampires can produce offspring, rather a sub type of progenitors are only capable of such. That pool is even futher toned down by requiring concent, I'm fine with such premise, it's interesting in fact. But a terrible concept for multiplying as it relies heavily on outside factors and race relations that seemingly did not exist as they were easily villanized to the point of races allying together and wiping them out. 

    Especially concidering that they seemingly to my point of reading had their own little patch of dirt where they lived alone. 

    No human cohabitation it seems, raising questions where they gained new members without a stable populance that was able to grow. 

    Nether did they really try to bypass the issue of lethal light weakness that ultimately proved to be their downfall. 

    To me it provides a conondrum that a race never adresses, I mean really adresses such a crippling issue that has in many similliar settings adressed with population of non vampires acting as a safety net and bolster the numbers of a mostly static race populance.

    But besides me being a filthy vamp lover this isekai is a decent read with excellent grammar.

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    7 Likes · Like
    Status: 50 – puppet master

    Really great story. The chapters are long, and the story has very few ilogical or unexplained elements.

    Loving the story and thank you to the author for writting it. Keep up the great work and dont burn yourself out. Hate to see the quality dip because you'd failed to get something out on time or ran out of ideas. Seriously. Take your time.

    This is one of a very very small minority were the protagonist that is in a slightly generic fantsy world, is actuly not naive,   overconfident, or stupid/makes illogical decisions. 

    Honestly, I enjoy the characters and the protagonist is quite realistic and logical in their decision making skils. All actions are planed out. Even if you have to wait for them becuase it makes the story more intersting.

    Laughed a lot. The personalities of some of the characters and the interactions with others made me chuckle on more then a few ocasions.

    Cant wait to read more, hoping for a well thought out ending and one that ins't so full of holes that you can see right through it like its mesh.

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    7 Likes · Like
    Status: 25 – the queen

    I'm really enjoying this story. I like how building a new life is just as big of a part of the story as fighting and training is. I also LOVE how the women in this story are not described in am overtly s*xual way. Overall I'll keep reading as long as the author keeps writing. 

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    7 Likes · Like
    Status: 57 – burden

    A great story, becoming even better the further you read! I really enjoyed the character development and how the story seems to be planned out very good. The author makes sure that all things are explained well and the story seems realistic. The motivation of characters is coherent and the side characters seem lively. One of the best stories I have read here on Scribblehub!

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    6 Likes · Like
    Status: c75

    Solid world building with an MC that is portrayed simultaneously as the hero and villain (seriously, she is a badass). The pacing of the story is fantastic, slow enough for the reader to slowly absorb everything, fast enough that you won't feel the presence of "filler chapters". Various aspects of psychology and philosophy are ingeniously implemented into the story. It might appear as a typical isekai, but something about this just hits differently. 

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: c75

    What... Did... I just f**king read. My lord. My brother. My sister. What I just read was amazing. Such an interesting take. I do love seeing the "to defeat evil you must become evil yourself" trope. Especially with chapter 75. It really gives you a sense that war will never be this thing that someone can stop. But it's something that someone will start, and they will regret. 

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 67 comeuppance

    A story doesn't always need to make perfect sense in the beginning. But after chapter 6. Damn. The length of chapters is incredible. The story doesn't drone on with 5-6 chapters on a single fight with nothing but fillers and overly descriptive battle commentary. The timescale for this story is well thought out with goals in mind with sufficient time-leaps to accommodate the skewed timing sense an immortal vampire would have. Like 10+ years going by since the novel started.

    I would recommend this story. Character is well thought out, goals clearly stated from the beginning with a few extra bits to spice the story up. For me at least, it stimulated my mind to create the image of what is happening in real time.

    Well Done, Author. Look forward to more! And thank you for the good read so far!

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    3 Likes · Like
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