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/ Series / The Cat Freak is Reincarnated as a Cait Sith
The Cat Freak is Reincarnated as a Cait Sith
The Cat Freak is Reincarnated as a Cait Sith
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Victor dies after killing the murderers of his beloved pet cat Fluffy, John Wick style. Little did he know that Fluffy was a follower of a god. Now, Fluffy decides to send Victor to a world managed by his god.

Follow as Victor makes his way in the otherworld of Gaia as a Cait Sith. He will encounter all sorts of races as he tries to find his way to a Fluffy Paradise.

ActionAdventureComedyFantasyIsekaiLitRPGMartial ArtsSlice of Life
Adventurers Animal Characteristics Beastkin Carefree Protagonist Elemental Magic Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Gods Magic Mythical Beasts Overpowered Protagonist Protagonist Strong from the Start Reincarnated into Another World Reincarnation Strong to Stronger Sword And Magic
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