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/ Series / Calamity In One Punch Man World
Calamity In One Punch Man World
Calamity In One Punch Man World
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4.5 (79 ratings)
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Where am I?... Wait, who's that kid with the weird chin... also, who's that handsome man covered in strange liquid... wait a minute... SAITAMA?!! DID I JUST REINCARNATE INTO OPM WORLD AS A MONSTER?!!

Disclaimer : I don't own OPM. I only own the OC and the idea. Also I don't own the cover. If you're the creator of the cover and want me to take it down, make sure to dm me. I am also planning to make the cover on my own later soo...

Warning : English isn't my first language, so expect some grammar mistakes. And it would be helpful if you help me correct it for better writing in the future :>

ActionComedyDramaFanfictionGirls LoveIsekaiMartial ArtsRomanceSupernatural
One Punch Man
Antihero Protagonist Arrogant Characters Based on an Anime Carefree Protagonist Cheats Chuunibyou Comedic Undertone Enemies Become Allies Enemies Become Lovers Evil Organizations Famous Protagonist Female Protagonist Heroes Monsters Overpowered Protagonist Protagonist Strong from the Start
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 10 – transformation

    Great concept with lots of potential for development

    Good characters so far with lots of personality

    Genuinely enjoyable sense of humour that adds to the interactions and camaraderie of the main cast

    Some writing is very cliche or poorly chosen for the moment with plenty of unintentionally cringey parts purely through lack of writing experience

    Poor grammar with minor mistakes and sometimes annoying sentence structure. Some proofreading needed (mistakes such as 'below' being spelt as 'bellow' that don't get auto-corrected, etc.)

    Overall great potential and fun story so far, if you can get past the writing style, cliches and grammar or just want a opm power fantasy from the perspective of a monster then you will definitely enjoy this novel.

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    12 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 18 - Blast vs Dark...

    It is very interesting so far, there are hints of yuri so if you don't like that probably won't like it. The mc's power isn't just what it seems at first sure see has Saitama's strength, but there is more to it. Not the best character interactions but love the part where she asks for Saitama's autograph! Otherwise a great read and would highly recommend!

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: --

    It's great 👍 would be great if it updates faster tho 🙏

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    1 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 22 – prepare for the summer...

    this story has a decent start.

    but I think at around c17-c18, it started to get boring.

    more op than saitama, less joke, no serious moments, and a romance. Not good or bad, just normal romance.

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    1 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 18 – blast vs dark monarch

    Slow pace, a lot of gag, interesting to read and hoping not to drop this series..

    Con: Short chapters, too short..

    Why good series always have a short chapters..

    Make it a little long, please...

    Anyway, if you want to read some light reading, this is for you.. ignore childish act 'coz this is OnePunch man, always full of comedy and a little touch of emotion spice..

    Good Job Author

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    1 Likes · Like
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