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Spiritual Plant Farmer
Spiritual Plant Farmer
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Meng Shui's family has been in the spiritual plants business for generations, collecting a veritable fortune by selling quality plants to various sects. But recently, there have been drought after drought, a sickness has been spreading in their city and spiritual beasts have been rampaging, destroying some of their products. If something isn't done soon, they're going to go bankrupt.

This is the tale of how Meng Shui, an average youth with a head for numbers, forges on ahead to save his family business, while meeting with various unique people and discovering a new way to cultivate.

Boys LoveFantasyHistoricalSlice of Life
Business Management Calm Protagonist Cultivation Family Business Fantasy World Farming Loyal Subordinates Sect Development Slow Growth at Start Slow Romance Strategist Unique Cultivation Technique Xuanhuan
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