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/ Series / Evolution Plug-in: I can Evolve Effortlessly
Evolution Plug-in: I can Evolve Effortlessly
Evolution Plug-in: I can Evolve Effortlessly
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"Damn it, I am a panda?"


Robert felt that life played a joke with him, Just last night he was ready to say goodbye to a virgin life with his first girlfriend ever and now he is in a place where birds don't shit!!

Damn, After trying for so long he got a girlfriend, He did not have time to experience her warmth and now he is in a different world!

On top of that, he is a Panda?


Robert Reincarnated in a world as a panda with the human soul.

On the first day he got a system, This system can help evolve but It needs Evolution points, Robert did not know how to get Evolution points because there were no instructions.

But he awakened his Innate Talent, With the help of His Innate Talent he can get evolution points!

ActionAdventureComedyFantasyLitRPGSlice of Life
Second Tempest Contest
Adventurers Comedic Undertone Cooking Cultivation Demi-Humans Evolution Fantasy World Level System Non-human Protagonist Polygamy Shameless Protagonist System Administrator Transmigration Weak to Strong Xianxia
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