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/ Series / The Y-Files [GL]
The Y-Files [GL]
The Y-Files [GL]
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4.9 (19 ratings)
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After a classmate committed suicide, Claire is forced to volunteer to spearhead the First Bureau of Yurification (FBY) together with the illustrious counselor Anna Lyst to enhance yuri-awareness at her catholic all-girl school.
Together with their team, which we will witness being created, they will solve Y(uri)-files to make sure all those yuri seeds around them get to blossom into beautiful flowers.
Because yurilessness can be lethal!

The Y-files is an absurd romcom that is a parody and a homage to the yuri- genre.

The Y-files updates 3 to four times a week. Starting vol 3, I will try to spread my posts over the week.
I have completed writing the story and the last chapters will be posted on Tuesday 6/28/2022.

All artwork is made specifically for this series and is made by the fantastic ReGaSLZR until vol2 chapter 66. After that Stanumart took over for a short while.

If you like my stories, you can support me by buying the epub and pdf versions of my story in my ko-fi shop. All 3 volumes are available there. So if you are tired of waiting for updates, you can already read the complete story should you wish to.

ComedyDramaGirls LoveRomanceSchool LifeSlice of Life
All-Girls School Beautiful Female Lead Bullying Comedic Undertone Cooking Cute Story Devoted Love Interests European Ambience Family Business Female Protagonist First Love Girl's Love Subplot Glasses-wearing Love Interests Helpful Protagonist Interconnected Storylines Misunderstandings Modern Time Multiple POV Otaku R-15 Romantic Subplot
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Table of Contents
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    Status: vol.2 chapter 69: another lyst

    the first chapter may pehaps fool you, thinking this isn't a comedy with a fluffy romance, but this is only the start! I didn't want to read it either, but I'm sure no one will regreting reading it, as other Reviews says, it has an amount of trivia about the author homeland such as: food, customs, rules e.t.c

        I do recommend you to read at least until the 15º chapter to give it at least a chance, I'm sure no one would regret.

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: vol.1 ch.20: fien anciers

    The Y-Files is one of the most unique stories I have read in Scribble Hub with its absurd plot line and its cast of quirky and lovable characters.

    It has a lot of interesting Belgium trivia, cooking and a huge amount of Yuri for you to watch blossom.

    The story has its absurd, funny and cute moments, but the thing I like the most about it is the characters, they are filled with interesting ideas and watching them interact is a blast.

    It is a story that keeps me coming back to see what kind of wacky situation the main character is going to get dragged into as she falls into the Yuri rabbit hole and to see who she will meet on her way to the bottom.

    Definitely worth a read!

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: interlude 9 mari nade and tory...

    The Y-Files is a unique slice of life story that explores the love of the yuri genre in a unique way. It takes the known tropes one would see and holds them out for the reader to have fun with. The way the writer does it is a quirky yet extremely fun way that breathes fresh air into what we know as the yuri genre. 

    The characters each have their own motivations and as the reader goes on with the story their views and beliefs are expounded upon to give us a better overview of who they really are. I found the slow moments that go into the psyche of each character to be my favorite points in the story so far. 

    I have high hopes for this brilliant story and I can't wait to see where writer-sama takes us! 

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