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/ Series / I think this is where I should be.
I think this is where I should be.
I think this is where I should be.
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This story tells about an ordinary man named Ichibei Raven, an otaku who can mix well with normies; he is a man who aims to live comfortably without working in a country that upholds the Japanese work ethic. However, over time it was discovered that he had problems with his memory; at the right time, his parents came to see him and said that he was a person from another world. When a responsibility began to come to him, there was only one thing he said "if other people can do it, why should I?. Thus, it begins a story about the journey of a young half otaku and normies to achieve what he wants, be it an elf, a passionate, beautiful girl. Everything will be achieved if he is able.

This is a story where humans strive to contradict each other. Here, the main character keeps watching while acting for personal interests that might affect someone close to him or even the world. That's why I brought the reverse Sekai theme because it's something I've always thought about for a long time. There was an incident that seemed normal, but without realizing it, it will affect power, money, or anything desired in worldly desires. In the end, those who can understand the situation will win everything, just like a quote from history and the future will be written by the winner no matter whether they are good or bad.
It tells about a person who has no purpose in life, even though he always thinks that everything he does must have meaning.
Whether to be an ordinary person or an important person, these things will lead to one goal, namely personal interest. Therefore, in this novel, we will see how to become a person who can balance it, whether love, wealth, and desire will always move humanity.
I hope, it will be an interesting story.
"I think this is where I should be."

Because English is not my primary language, so I apologize for some mistakes that I missed.
When I upload, I will equate it with the local time in Indonesia.
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    New Arakawa12
    Status: a sign of what happened :...

    It Turns out here, too, if you're looking for a story from another world's point of view. Maybe this story is quite interesting

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