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/ Series / I Transmigrated with My Nano Combat Suit
I Transmigrated with My Nano Combat Suit
I Transmigrated with My Nano Combat Suit
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With the hope to find a different universe, Ye Jingyi arrived at the Cultivation world equipped with Modern Knowledge And Technologies!


On the First Day, Ye Jingyi arrived in the New Universe he encountered a battle between Top Cultivators!

All seven of them were fighting against one woman wearing red clothes!

In the end, don't know why but when these people saw him they started to fight for him, All of them Saying to be their disciple and he will become an Immortal!

Ye Jinyi was dumbfounded seeing the situation!

In the end, the women in red killed all the people and won!

And then some strange events happened and he was in the bed with the women!
[The synopsis is not complete, I will update it to make it more perfect]
{Grammar is not my native language, So there may be grammar mistakes! Per week minimum 4 chapters or more, You can try my other books}

ActionAdventureComedyFantasyHaremMechaSci-fiSlice of Life
Second Tempest Contest
Beast Companions Business Management Businessmen Comedic Undertone Crafting Cultivation Fast Cultivation Imperial Harem Misunderstandings Outer Space Scientists Sect Development System Administrator Transmigration Unique Cultivation Technique
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Table of Contents
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