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[R-18, Mature Element Warning!] [Multiverse!]

A young man with a questionable job dies, eaten by a shark. To his surprise, afterlife was a spinning roulette that decided his next world and powers, with an annoyed Goddess supervising the process.

The Gamer System welcomes him with open arms, and he shivers in the endless potential it holds. If used right, he knew The Gamer could step beyond even Godhood. Beyond God.

Out of desperation, that was exactly what his goal became. The Goddess was a snitch, and now she and her fellow Gods wanted him dead. What, and why?

In the end, [Soul 799], soon to be renamed as [Neji Hado], becomes a Cursed Soul.


Tags: Gamer-System, Gray-MC, Harem, Incest, Mature, Multiverse, R-18, OP-MC, World-Hopping.

First World: My Hero Academia

Second World: Naruto

Third World: Fate/Grand Order

Fourth World: High School DxD


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Fate High School DxD Multiverse My Hero Academia Naruto
Antihero Protagonist Cunning Protagonist Dungeons Evil Gods Game Ranking System Godly Powers Handsome Male Lead Harem-seeking Protagonist Incest Level System Maids Monster Girls Mythical Beasts Overpowered Protagonist Polygamy R-18 Reincarnation Weak to Strong
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Table of Contents
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    the first and most major thing IMO, the main character is raped as a 10-year-old child by his maid and does not give two sh*ts really. "Disappointed in her" is the phrase he uses. 

    You could try and argue that it fits with his character but It's just perpetuating the notion that men cannot be raped and that you should just lay back and enjoy it. It's a super weird thing to put in the book cause it only very slightly affects the plot. 

    Add to this him saying that he wouldn't mind taking his sister as a romantic partner if she wanted cause she's cute (she is 12 or something here btw) and it paints the author as a pedo apologist to me.

    Judging the story on just its merits rather than what I've already said its half-decent (?) It doesn't feel very thought out beforehand so It's incredibly hard to understand where the story is gonna go. 

    His system is supposed to be the "The Gamer" system but the author literally changes a new major mechanic of the original system every few chapters so It's only recognizable cause he's kept the name of some stuff.

    last words. If you don't mind the child MC being raped and you have nothing else to read, a good brain-turn off can let you have a good time.

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    73 Likes · Like
    Status: c150

    Sissy gamer nerfed from start with no-mana curse. It took him 150 chapters to be able to use mana. Yet as if it is not enough to curse the looser Author has genderbend the MC. How gay you must be. Unfortunately this fanfic turned out to be another genderbend sh*t show. Do not waste your time with it.

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    39 Likes · Like
    Status: c370

    I have read tons of online novels, like alot alot.  I generally only write a review when there are very few reviews for a novel as it's more likely to actually be helpful to someone interested in whether they should invest time into reading said novel. As this novel has plenty of reviews, I wouldn't normally write a review but the reviews critiquing this novel almost exclusively sh*t on the content of this Novel ie. Underage characters and their s*xual interactions as well as the rape scene early in the novel. In my opinion this is more a individual taste issue then overall problem with the novel or it's writing. 

    Don't  get me wrong, this novel has tons of issues, major glaring issues. Like the fact that the Gamer system, which is the main protagonist/antagonist in this entire novel has zero consistency. The author will go into detail describing the system and it's functions to then a few chapters later completely disregard that established lore to move the plot forward in one particular instance or another.  Explanations of powers and their classifications are only consistent for a few chapters at most before they are thrown out with very little or no explanation to hit a certain plot point or resolve a particular conflict. One ability or another has a certain effect then later for no apparent reason that ability won't work as stated with no real explanation why other then just because.

    The power rankings in this novel make no sense and jumps around consistently, constantly contradicting itself from Arc to Arc. The gamer system functions on levels while the wider world classifies power ranking according to tiers. In the first Arc the Author tries to scale approximately what tiers equals to what system levels are but just throws that out near the end to heighten suspense and completely disregards it in later Arcs. I find it hard to stay engaged when not only the MC but the side characters are repeatedly shown to disregard power tier difference to move the plot forward or to make the fights interesting. Like having tier 15-24 side character fighting a tier 49 villain and holding their own when its clearly stated that the difference in tiers gets significantly larger the higher the tier. A character fighting another character that's double their tier is more realistically fighting someone 10x-100x more powerful instead of twice as powerful. 

    The Author has at every Arc wrote himself into a corner, He gives the MC bullsh*t OP powers from a verse then realizing it trivializes any future conflict, He then finds ways to make said powers not work according to his earlier description or just flat out deus ex machina the powers or their efficacy away. The Author also at the begging of each Arc likes to find illogical ways to nerf the MC back down to starting stats  so he can write a new power up arc similar to all the previous one. It's like a really bad version of Chinese cultivation novel where the MC ascends to a higher world to just be at the bottom of the power rankings again so that the author can re-write the last arc all over again just with different faces and scenery.

    My finale critique is the smut portion, It has the same problem I have noticed from other smut authors. It gets old and repetitive real fast, the smut portion should be relevant to the story not just some copy/paste minutia. Also when someone is reading smut sections, they in their heads build a picture to go along with the story, so when the heroine or hero is clearly described as in a certain position, performing a certain action, to then perform another action which is physically impossible while in the stated position kills all immersion.  It's like a AI generated story at that point, ie. Girl is on all fours and the MC is behind her to then describe the feeling of her breasts on the MC chest and continue to describe the act of doggy style, the only way that's physically possible is the girl has breasts on her back. This kind of scenario happens consistently in almost every smut section.

    This story starts out strong with engaging characters and a fun take on existing fictions but the small issues snowball to the point of the story being unreadable. Don't recommend!

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    36 Likes · Like
    Status: three years later (1)

    "Not me, since losing my virginity to my 16-years-old cousin at the age of 9 apparently messed with my mind." This is a quote from the 8th chapter, which is very early in the story so take that into consideration. With that being said up until this point the protagonist is written as this super stoic character, who's smarter than everyone around them and just dealing with them is a test of patience. I feel like this is a big issue when the MC is someone who has been reincarnated and keeps their memories. Keeping their memories after reincarnation creates a distance between the MC and all the other characters even those that he is fond of. Even though he clearly likes his family, his words, thoughts, and actions have him treat them much more like pets at worst and friends at best, but definitely not like a son or brother. Despite only being 15 at the time of reincarnation the MC walks with the ego of being above everything when truthfully just as this quote shows their very far from that. One chapter their critiquing their maid for her timidness after being traumatized, then the next the MC is oblivious to the fact that being raped is traumatizing to themselves. Once again this is only the 8th chapter so it's okay if not preferred to start off with a flawed MC, since this allows for growth. In this case the growth needed would be humility, the MC would have to grow past 15 maybe realize how small they actually were and and grow past that. From the way the chapters read I doubt that the MC will grow in this format, rather they'll just become stronger, and that strength will be equated to mental growth. I'll keep reading to see if I'm wrong.

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    28 Likes · Like
    Status: c200+

    It is such a shame that the MHA arc is literally the peak of this novel but after that it had gone down hill so bad that I cant even continue reading it anymore, the naruto arc and the unnecessary nerfs on MC is so sad like it used to be such a great story then it became this lame ass arc. So rushed as well and the harem get send "plot reason" away and there's no sense of urgency at all like dude proceed to chase skirt instead when his girls when missing then u get the new harem that doesnt hit the same vibe as the previous one, as this new one seems so rushed. Such a shame.

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    14 Likes · Like
    Status: reincarnation (1)

    Sigh I read a couple of chapters Neji is an asshole like not funny kind of ass but just an ass for no reason at all and treats any non female as trash It frankly not fun to read if you're guy and MC treats any guys as trash. It like a teenagers wet dream were he can be an asshole to everyone and still get girls and be surprise he makes a lot of enemies.

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    13 Likes · Like
    Status: Momo Yaoyorozu (3)*

    👍 Love it. Looking forward to more. 😎

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    9 Likes · Like
    Status: wow...?(1)

    If you want to know how much of a ret*rd the writer is:"Yes, monster within the dungeons are based on where it's located in the outside world. Following that fact, I might get to meet Vampires if I ever go to Rome's Transylvania... a thing to consider."

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    7 Likes · Like
    Status: 316: that time when i became...

    The story kind of went downhill during the ending of MHA arc

    The author seem to be very burnout and rush everything. The ending battle kind of save it a little bit.

    But it get worse, as the Harem which was quite good with different personality of it member got ruin during the MHA ending, and it keep getting worse, as later it turn into a pokemon type harem, where the MC get almost every female character in the naruto world, and the author also try netori on some character.

    I try to push through with it, but I feel less motivated.

    the element of having a system is also kind of bleak since the author introduce too many op entity that make the system feel nothing special at all.

    The system which should have the element that it is superior to any being doesn't feel great anymore, since the meeting with lady luck.

    It feel more like the system is less useful than lady luck, and somehow it feel like lady luck is the one controlling the system, which tell the MC what to do.

    though lady luck is on the MC side, it doesn't feel right to make the MC kind of mindless in a way, that all his decision are already made for him.

    and the last chapter meeting with Fate kind of push it off the edge, since at this point for me, I really hate when it a scenario where the MC is all see through, and the only thing keeping him in is the plot armor because the author want the MC to feel weak, I get it if it was in the beginning, but even after 2 arc, it getting kind of annoy, since the system were suppose to be very op turn into almost some irrelevant harem members since it posses a mind and body of it own.

    by the time of the naruto world, the system seem to become just a quest reward tool, and most reward from the system are overlook as well. It kind of lose the gamer element and turn to genetic system.

    BTW, the system were suppose to be created by entity higher than even the concept of luck herself.

    Also, I get the point of nerfing the MC to make every arc (different anime world) interesting, but it very annoying since you always put danger crisis on the MC with the god after him stuff. Those 2 point don't mixed well together.

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    7 Likes · Like
    Status: preparation (2)

    10/10 best fic ever

    Needs more lewd pics.

    Needs more lewd.

    Needs more... needs? Yeah, that works.

    No joke tho, this sh*t is lit, it just works somehow, of all the mha fics i've ever read, or even gamer fics, this one manages to set itself apart from the others. I'm really looking forward to more incest goodness with Nejire, lately I feel like she's been too much in the sidelines, same with the maid, Momo's getting all the focus lately and I'm not sure how to feel about that, that's a slippery slope in harem fics. Though I get it, it's because she's in his class, but the point still stands, the other 2 girls LIVE TOGETHER with him. They should get more screen-time.


    Last few chapters the MC has been blowing Nejire off and sending her away for no reason at all. She told her to go home alone while he went to talk to Momo about getting her to set a facade club to explain why he would disappear in school. However, there is no reason whatsoever to why Nejire couldn't come with. In fact, she could've kept watch where he disappeared to make sure no one's there, making sure that him coming out of the dungeon wouldn't be noticed. Meanwhile Momo is dealing with creating the club...

    So, yeah. He's been dismissive of Nejire and that's not cool. He even realizes that she's jealous and makes zero effort to make sure she feels better.


    But still. Overall it's great and I love it.

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    7 Likes · Like
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