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/ Series / Unfortunately, I’m an Evil Villainess
Unfortunately, I’m an Evil Villainess
Unfortunately, I’m an Evil Villainess
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4.8 (14 ratings)
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I was Lady Valentina Avington, the beautiful, wicked, and narcissistic villainess of a novel. When I recalled memories of my past life, I decided I wanted everything the heroine had.

Using my knowledge of the future, I became a fake saint, the successor to my house, the future queen, and won over the male leads. When the novel began, all I had to do was dispose of the female lead.

Yet nothing was as it seemed, and before I knew it, my perfect facade fell to pieces.

“You’re not who I thought you were.”

“I despise you, Sister.”

“It’s revolting to even look at you.”

Call it ambition or greed, I would get what I wanted, by any means necessary. No matter the cost, I would definitely win.

No need to like me, I have no excuses. Will you be cheering for my downfall, like the rest of them?

Antihero Protagonist Aristocracy Beautiful Female Lead Betrayal Conspiracies Death Death of Loved Ones Demon Lord European Ambience Evil Protagonist Family Fantasy World Female Protagonist Handsome Male Lead Magic Manipulative Characters Narcissistic Protagonist Nobles Obsessive Love Past Trauma Reincarnated into Another World Royalty Scheming Villainess Noble Girls Yandere
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 53 – the last day (ii)

    Made an acc just to leave a review here lol.

     The plot, the writing, the length per chapter and the characters (the mother and daughter duo is my fave) is absolute chef's kiss. 

     This story is so unique, I like that the villainess is an actual 'villainess' for once and isn't the cliche loved by all kind saintly protagonist.

    She has questionable morals and I'm genuinely intrigued by it. She doesn't care about anything other than bringing glory to her family and her goal. She is cold (in using people, but she has great acting and socializing skills) apathetic, calculative, scheming, she knows when to use her talents and I absolutely admire an ambitious and confident protag.

     The nearly ordered his/her execution part whenever she gets angry never fails to make me laugh.

     Overall, I love this and please continue writing dear author, we will always support you and I pray for this story to gain the recognition it deserves, this is such a gem. <3

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    Status: c10

    Omg, it's so interesting! Please, write more)

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: c58

    hi I just binged read this amazing novel I found this in novel updates this story has amazing potential I like it very much and love you writing a lot unlike other villainess novels here the villainess is more real and has a personality and is not some goody two shoes thanks for posting I love this

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