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/ Series / Centifire: Deciphering Magic
Centifire: Deciphering Magic
Centifire: Deciphering Magic
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4.3 (24 ratings)
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"Lark Rune

Titles: [Survivor][Trickster]
Happiness Level: 70%
STR: 18
DEX: 20
INT: 18
MG: 0
SPT: 0
LUK: 15
Skills - None"

2099 marked the beginning and end of an era for humanity. For Lark Rune, it was just the start of a long journey to find an unfamiliar world with a completely different set of rules...And if he wishes to survive, he'll have to decipher the new system that comes along with an annoying guide.

ActionAdventureFantasyIsekaiLitRPGMartial ArtsPsychologicalRomanceSchool Life
Academy Alchemy Alternate World Artifacts Artificial Intelligence Caring Protagonist Charismatic Protagonist Contracts Dungeons Elemental Magic Familiars Game Elements Inheritance Level System Library Magic Magic Beasts Male Protagonist Mysterious Illness Slow Romance Spirits Sword And Magic Trickster Weak to Strong World Travel
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      Status: c37
      May 2, 2020

      Enrapturing, I couldn't put it down till I reached the latest chapter. It is a good novel and it has accompanying it is a smooth writing style. 

      The main Protagonist is acts in line with the character he was given and to see him grow is great. I can't wait to see how he develops as a person over the next chapters. 

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      Status: 32 – the void crystal and gushi
      Aug 25, 2019

      Just found this little gem and fell in love with it, binging all the chapters over a few days. 

      What I love most about this is just how real the main character feels. He's no sociopath who can immediately adapt to handle the new life he faces, and he's no perfect angel that does everything he's told. At times he's a spoilt brat, but he can be forgiven for that because of how human he really feels. 

      The magic is intriguing and the universe is both mysterious and enticing. Some tropes exist, but always come with a twist that makes them unique and interesting. 

      I'd definitely recommend giving this a read, and Im praying that the current gap in releases doesn't become a hiatus, as it would be a real shame if this wasn't continued

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      1 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: 18 – mind space
      Jul 5, 2019

      After the first few chapters, the story really picks up.

      great job writing and talking to readers from the author.

      Overall I believe it can only get better

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