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/ Series / So, My Piano Turned Into A Girl
So, My Piano Turned Into A Girl
So, My Piano Turned Into A Girl
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As a twenty-year-old Professional Pianist, I practice every day on my piano that I've owned since I was a little boy. I'm by no means a prodigy, but I am fairly skilled, at least, enough to make a living in orchestras and concerts.

Though during one of my practices, my piano suddenly turned into a girl.

What now?

Apartment Life Arrogant Characters Beautiful Female Lead Character Growth Child Abuse Childhood Friends Cold Protagonist Cute Story Depression Discrimination Early Romance Female Protagonist Genius Protagonist Handsome Male Lead Heartwarming Lack of Common Sense Male Protagonist Modern Day Modern Fantasy Music Past Plays a Big Role Past Trauma Tragic Past
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Table of Contents
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    New doravg
    Status: piano sonata no. 8

    The author knows a lot about music. So much, that his knowledge paints a picture. I have never considered how diverse classical music can be. All those terms. Well, I knew it was unique, but never paid it too much attention. Until this story. 

    This novel thrives by fleshing out its characters. No character feels like an extra. That is a rare phenomenon in novels. The MC is the star of the show, yes, but the rest also get their personalities and feel alive. 

    The story is set in an urban fantasy setting. In a modern world with its modern problems. We see the results of trauma and the author hints at self-harm throughout the book. Which made me dislike the love interest, in the first couple of chapters. 

    Charlotte is everything I usually dislike in a person. She is brash, shamless, and seem to like belittling people. I nearly dropped the novel because of her. Still, I decided to read further, because of the musical depictions, and saw that there was more to her than what was shown at the start. 

    She is the type of person who gets on your nerves to make you stronger. In the later chapters, she becomes more and more supportive of Arthur, the MC. Using her teasing, something that I found cruel at first, especially since she has been belittling Arthur since he was five, to lift his mood. 

    Maybe Arthur is just too abused, and that is why this strategy works. Maybe he is a loner who just wants to have someone meaningful in his life, which is filled with loneliness and people who try to bully him. 

    Still, the two compliment each other. They are what they need, supporting one another and seeing that they could only be happy together. In a way, this is a sweet romance that has great emphasis on healing a broken soul. 

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    New SeeCee
    Status: piano sonata no. 19

    It's A Great Read, I Would Recommend This To ANYONE Who'd Ask For A Book On Aspects Of: Childhood Trauma, Piano, Music, Romcom, Sweet Romance, and Psychological Trauma. Is there no way to give an author 10 stars? No? This has become one of my favorites from ScribbleHub. 

    Though, this is not apartment life as the tags suggest. And the "cute story" tag somehow matches well with the "depression" tag. 

    Childhood Trauma, it's not something you would expect from the sweet thumbnail, title, and synopsis, but it covers it unexpectedly, and very well. It's EXTREMELY deceiving introducing this, and you won't know it until a few chapters in, but there are some good hints throughout the first few chapters which I found very amusing. 

    Seeing the fic, you would think it's about a piano girl romance with MC, but, the true story and true objective of this storytelling would be the deep exploration into childhood trauma through the main character, Arthur. 

    The two main characters: Charlotte, the Piano, and Arthur, the MC are pretty well developed and are still developing over time. Charlotte's a cheeky girl who only has eyes for Arthur and can turn into a piano, the piano Arthur had been playing on for 15 years of his entire life since he was 5. And Arthur is an emotionally-detached pianist who lives on his own, and who seems to slowly fall in love with the care, love, and affection Charlotte shows to him. There are times Arthur does a partial 180 turn from his emotional detachment, which I see as growth and good characterization into his healing process from his childhood abuse. 

    Grammar and whatnot is spectacular, my eyes don't cringe and get hurt when reading your fic. Instead of the standard text blobs of paragraphs, the author seems to go for the first-person simple structure "Light Novel" format, which is nice for the eyes and which is something I, with ADHD, appreciate! If you prefer an easy read that doesn't require much mental energy but also provides great and heavy content and context, this is for you! 

    Author-Reader Engagement: Awesome! The author engages with his commenters amazingly, not too stiff not too loose, almost like a fellow reader, it was fun reading through some of his replies to fellow readers. The author seems to take criticism very well, accepts his faults, and fixes mistakes also correcting confusion very calmly and nicely. Great service. 

    The story itself and its structure are quite simple, non-deviating from the standard romantic structure which isn't bad, but it's well-hidden enough through details for a standard reader to not notice the cliche structure, so that's okay. But for anyone reading who has smashed through hundreds of romances, you'll be able to minorly hintly pick up on the... stiff-like structure of the fic... If you understand what I just said, it just feels pretty stiff for experience readers. But if you're a meh-reader, you won't need to understand this, cause you won't notice it lmao. 

    The descriptions of piano-playing, comparing it to emotions is pretty new to me, I've never read something like that before, I like it! 

    As criticism: I feel as if the minor characters, such as Lucy, Sonlet, Amy, Amber, Ariel and anyone else popped in the mixture aren't as characterized and delved deep into as much as Charlotte and Arthur, the two main characters. Sure, they have their distinct personalities, but perhaps it's too distinct. For example, Lucy is the "complex, information-hoarder and technical" character in this fiction, but that's all there is to her, there isn't much contrast or depth within her character besides that. But in a way, I understand why it was meant to be like that; simply, not enough context or chapters to further deepen her characterization also the literal main icons of the fic are Arthur and Charlotte, so I'll let the lack of characterization within the minor characters slide since the main focus seems to be solely on Arthur and Charlotte. Though, Chad's character is pretty rad! 

    The other thing that I dislike the something fundamental to the author's style: and that is, the lack of scene description. Although the author does tend to describe the surroundings, it isn't as descriptive and I struggle to close my eyes and think of the environment the characters are in; instead, I close my eyes and think of what I THINK the environment is, not what the author is actually saying which stems from the lack f detail from scene description. The worldbuilding is REALLY light here, but this is all in conscious of the author's "light-hearted" writing style which SEEMS to favor telling the story rather than getting immersive with it SCENE-WISE. To put a positive spin on this, the author DOES put a sh*t ton of detail when it comes to emotional moments, which is probably the most important part of this type of style. But my main criticism still stands: Author-san, work on your scene descriptions, thank you. 

    I personally think this is spectacular and a heart-warming, light-hearted (despite the heavy topic) read! I found it easy to read through, I found myself feeling the same emotions the characters felt. I smashed my hand on the table when I got angry, I almost cried when I sad; the author knows how to play with your emotions here, what a devious motherfu- 

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