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/ Series / Hey, Why Are My Skills so Weird!?
Hey, Why Are My Skills so Weird!?
Hey, Why Are My Skills so Weird!?
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4.5 (46 ratings)
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Jane Walker was in the middle of a streak of bad luck. His cat scratched him, his second attempt to awakening failed, and even his girlfriend dumped him.
And when he thought his luck could not turn worse, the bus he was in was swallowed by a spatial singularity, a [Dungeon].
But in the middle of struggling for his life, and when Jane thought it was his end, something unexpected happened.
Together with the appearance of a self-proclaimed Immortal, his body received strength, mana, and skills.
But soon, Jane noticed something strange.
His skills… were a bit different than normal.


Support my other stories, [Fourth Prince's Debauchery] and [Science/Magic]. Also, support me on Patreon:

ActionAdultAdventureComedyFantasyHaremMatureRomanceSchool Life
Caring Protagonist Clever Protagonist Comedic Undertone Dungeons Familial Love Friendship Heroes Hiding True Abilities Hiding True Identity Immortals Older Love Interests Pets Polygamy R-18 Secret Organizations Spirit Advisor Strong Love Interests Weak to Strong World Invasion Younger Love Interests Younger Sisters
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Table of Contents
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    Status: c58

    I like Aidka's universe of immortals and laws from Fourth Prince.  Think it's an interesting way to frame celestial beings.  Having that applied to the modern dungeon setting opens interesting story possibilities.

    As always, Aidka's characters and world are well described and interactive. There are some grammar word choice booboos here and there but nothing major. Plus the level of smut is well written and fits the story.

    Another good tale, with some tail, from Aidka. 😎

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: c62

    Compelling setting, the world, the magic system, society's reaction to it all being introduced in a modern era.

    The fight scenes are done well and using magic/skills creatively is prominent through the story, without cliches such as people forgetting their powers for the sake of making more drama.

    The comedy aspects are just ok, but may seem worse if only by comparison to the above mentioned parts of the book that shine.  Early on there's a reliance on common anime gags for character interactions that thankfully faded away as the story progressed, hopefully to never return.

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