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/ Series / Degenerate Masochist’s Reincarnation as A Goddess
Degenerate Masochist’s Reincarnation as A Goddess
Degenerate Masochist’s Reincarnation as A Goddess
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4.7 (59 ratings)
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    This f**kin hot. I hope this is entirely futas x MC but not men fuking MC.. That'd be gay for me. I'm a guy. Okay author sama, I think we need regular updates.. And alot if possible

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    Status: bagged, bound, and branded

    hands down the greatest thing to come into existense

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    9 Likes · Like
    Status: perved on by my paladin

    Absolute degeneracy. Smut every single chapter. Our MC starts as an almighty goddess so don't expect any kind of isekai adventure at all. Hell, there's barely any plot other than smut. Our MC is THE biggest masochist in existence that willingly incarnated into the world in a mortal body with power restriction just to willingly get enslaved and turned into a s*x slave and much more. Its pretty funny honestly.

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