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Heroes of the Past
Heroes of the Past
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Volume 1
Tomo Yuki

I'm a freshman attending a local university. Because of Ichizen, I often am irritated and prone to hitting him when he spouts dumb ideas. Being friends with him for so long has taught me that I can expect either a really terrible experience or he'll get hurt one way or another. 

Michi Ichizen
I’ve known this idiot since elementary school, maybe even preschool, it seems like I’ve been with him for that long. He’s careless, selfish, and always looking for some kind of adventure. Still, I have to admit that he’s always putting himself out there, taking on anything. He has a lot of courage but isn’t too bright in most situations. But maybe that’s a redeeming quality. Not a bad person to hang out with except he really gets on my nerves. Why do I still get dragged into his messes? Never a dull time when Ichizen’s around.
Friends since middle school. Always a good person to talk to. Apparently knows Felicity through one of her classes. Avid bookworm, I recall her always going to the library during middle school and high school.
She seems to know a lot about what Ichizen is investigating but her sources are less than trustworthy. Knows Yuka through a mutual class. Judging from her clothing, maybe more than middle class? Introduced me to her friends who gave us information as well. Has a little sister who attends the high school she went to. Looks like the type to know a bunch of people and have connections.
Zhuyu Long
Pretty serious person, probably doesn’t smile too much. Might have a dislike for Felicity despite her addressing him as a friend based on initial experience. Apparently a pretty serious student too. Friends with Kisai and Ichaival.
Felicitiy’s friend who seems to have knowledge on what Ichizen is investigating but not open about it. According to Felicity, a top tier student. Very emotionless, like a doll but not in that creepy way. Wonder what else she’s hiding from us?
Ichaival Darryl
Pretty plain, can’t exactly say more than that. Looks to be the one that friends harass but not in a malicious way. Seems to good friend with Zhuyu and Kisai.
Kisai Jin
Upbeat guy, seems like a nice person and easy to talk to. Seems like he usually makes things fun but gives off that lazy vibe. Can’t say for sure though. Good friends with Zhuyu and Ichaival apparently.
Shan Shigetzu
Tall, compared to everyone else. Can’t really say much more since I only saw him talking to Zhuyu about something. Wonder if he knows anything about what Ichizen wants to find?
Kyoi Feng

Possible maniac. Damn good with swords. Don’t want to piss her off anytime soon. 

Volume 2

Arrogant bastard who thinks he's the best. Kyoi beat him down but come on, it's Kyoi. He's a decent fighter and really wants to prove himself for some reason. 


Beat down Ichaival pretty badly. Pretty obedient since he followed Lionel's orders without any resistance. Curious to see if he's as ambitious or arrogant as Lionel. 

Memoria Smoke

Felicity's little sister, a stand out athlete in high school. She's mischievous and terrible at cooking sweets. I'm going to hold a grudge against her for awhile since she locked me in with Felicity and Kyoi. 


Complete weirdo. Guess it makes sense she's friends with Zhuyu, Kisai, Shan, and the others. But not the creepy weird. I think she's sane, maybe. Has a lot of experience with alcohol apparently and probably other stuff. I'll try to avoid her if possible. 

Machi Manami

I've known Ichizen for a long time and the same applies for Manami. We went to the same high school but Manami wanted to leave for a college not in the area. Manami is one of my closest friends so it's nice to see her again. And I think she is glad to be back too since she has someone she can talk to about Ichizen's death besides family. Manami, in a way, shares Ichizen's free spirit with her confidence although she would never try to pull the crap that he did.   

En Zhang

Zhuyu's friend. Doesn't talk too much, I can't get a good read on him.  

Shui Lau

Can't say much about him. I saw him wearing a dinosaur shirt and obtaining drinks at a rapid pace at the party. Seems pretty social though. 


Kuan is a weirdo. Kisai was hugging him for some reason. Also really likes ``lolis", whatever that is. How dependable can he really be? 

Volume 3

Leader of the other group of heroes.Certainly doesn't have the anger that Lionel or Stacia displayed. Seems reasonable to deal with too since she listened to Tess.

Ruiqi Stacia

Really hates Zhuyu, wants revenge against him. I need to find out more about this fight between her sister and Zhuyu. 

Ruiqi Kaze

Older sister of Stacia. Like Kyoi, Zhuyu seems to owe her. Unlike Kyoi, she's much more pleasant and concerned about the well being of the zero vector user. Also was the former second-in-command, previously ranked third like Kisai.

Shin Chihiro

One of the few high school friends I'm still in contact with. Like Felicity, she has a positive outlook on life but not as energetic. I'm glad I got the chance to catch up with her. Plus, her snowflake necklace was a really nice gift. 

Volume 4
Tono Yukie

My cousin who came to stay with us. She's soft spoken, very well-mannerd, and graceful. Has an interest in mechanics and a great cook. It's not fair to her but she's like a slightly more sociable version of Tess. 


A friend of Shui's and probably the other hero's too. Super competitive in games and really wants to win all the time.

Volume 5

Daughter of the now deceased king within the dimension that Kyoi, Zhuyu, and En obtained their powers in. At first, I thought she was hostile, but turns out Fei was just trying to fight Kyoi. Her magic is powerful, enough to rival Kyoi and Jin. Despite Kyoi killing her father supposedly, she sure seems on good terms with her. Wonder what their history is. 


Really skilled archer. I still haven’t seen all of her status effects, but they were amazing against Ichaival. Not only that, she’s sharp too, using her archery for both offense and defense. Unlike everyone else, she has a certain quiet charm. Certainly seems to work harder than everyone else from what I’ve seen so far.

Volume 6

A frequent visitor and presence at the student lounge. Gets along with the commuters who gather there and knows a bunch of people who are near the table Zhuyu and others sit at. A hopeful art design major, he's pretty pessimistic about himself, always bringing up four key words, "Fuck my life, bro". Also pretty damn lazy, even worse than Shan. Overall, a nice person who lacks focus. 

Champ Shinji

Never expected him to be someone with powers. His arrogance and pushiness was his downfall. It's strange he went so hard in recruiting me. I'm still learning to even be good enough to match up with the lower tier. Is it possible he did it since I'm friends with Yuka? Certainly looks impressionable enough to fool people. There's also his connections with Felicity that I need to look into. 

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      Status: c48
      May 29, 2019

      Alright, so the beginning is a little slow, but there's a good character build up and I actually see personalities get revealed (not just titties like other stories). I came for the tags, but I stayed for the writing. If you like dialogue for character interaction, stick around.

      The art is pretty good too for a starter.

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      Status: c84
      May 29, 2019

      I made an account specifically to give a review on this story after following it for a while. The slice of life element makes for well rounded characters and makes the action scenes that much better. If you've read this story let's talk about it :)

      Read More

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