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/ Series / Sorcerer Sleuth
Sorcerer Sleuth
Sorcerer Sleuth
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A Sorcerer Detective?

Undercurrents are churning, criminal activities have slowly been on a rise. There can't be a better time to open up a Detective Agency, right?
Difficulties of being a Private Detective in a world full of Sorcerers are immense. The world is vast, no limit exists, if you truly wish to see the truth even the universe will unravel its origin.

But for the time being...
- You are a suspect in a top-secret case but you don't remember anything.
- Your fortune teller master suddenly becomes unpopular.

It doesn't seem like you are qualified to be a great detective yet but every story has a beginning, every meeting has a meaning!
Explore a new world filled with tangled mysteries, implausible myths, ingenious crafts, incredible abilities, fascinating people, mighty government and Sorcerers of course!

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