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Programmable Magic
Programmable Magic
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Our main character, Reo van Dijck, tries to survive in a world where magic-spells are stored in game-like-cartridges. Only a few lucky ones can use them though. These chosen ones are venerated and worshipped like celebrities, unbelievable riches lie only a single dungeon-exploration away for them, they are called Machia.

What will happen to our protagonist when he awakens as a Machia and discovers that he can actually program these magic-cartridges?...

The Earth also changed drastically since the dungeons appeared, how could it not? These unknown, giant towers suddenly started spewing out hordes of fiends and monstrosities. Only The Machia were able to defend against these attacks on humanity. Countries were destroyed, safe-havens were build and then yet again destroyed. Eventually humanity adapted, like it always does. The economy was rebuild and centered around these new towers, these dungeons, the treasures they hold outweigh their dangers. Life is relatively safe again, for most at least…

Read about Reo’s exploits, an immigrant from the Netherlands, as he tries to honor his dead parents and… find love? Establish a Guild?! Live the Ideal Harem life?!! BECOME PIRATE KING?!!! Okay maybe not that last one, but Reo will definitely leave his mark behind on this world full of mystery.

This story features romance, comradery, an interesting power system and a post-apocalyptic world with amusing characters, what more do you want?! No seriously, I’m always open to constructive feedback.

This story also displays my interpretation of a magic-coding-language (based on JAVA). Although knowledge about coding helps, you can also enjoy the story without it 😊.

Character Growth College/University Comedic Undertone Cultivation Discrimination Dungeons Enemies Become Allies Enemies Become Lovers Friendship Magic Magical Technology Male Protagonist Mystery Solving Post-apocalyptic Protagonist Loyal to Love Interest Roommates Weak to Strong
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 19: overshadowed

    Inventive and well written.  Really like reading his spin on modern scifi fantasy.

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 1: hello world

    Awesome stuff! I'm really looking forward towards more chapters.

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    1 Likes · Like
    Status: c51

    Well written, somewhat relatable protagonist, and interest game based mechanic that is not really over the top.  Not much to read so far, but what is there is good.  As someone who has read a lot of good and bad novels of a similar genre, my advice to the the author is tread the line and watch out for the snowball effects it is the killer of good novels, REMEMBER THIS

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