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/ Series / Monster Girl Sanctuary (An Isekai Gamelit Tale)
Monster Girl Sanctuary (An Isekai Gamelit Tale)
Monster Girl Sanctuary (An Isekai Gamelit Tale)
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4.4 (111 ratings)
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Bucky Drake was living large, recently promoted to manager at his local McDonald's. He'd already achieved life's highest ambition, and was content to just live out the rest of his days in peace, but destiny often doesn't share our plans. One day, a mysterious woman from another world arrives, abducting Bucky against his will, dragging him through an ominous portal...

And he finds himself in an idyllic fantasy world, with new powers and the ability to "Level Up"! Sounds great, right? Not to Bucky, who immediately sets out to realize his new ambition: ignore his calling as the so-called Apex Hero and set up a simple farming operation. But nothing is ever that easy, and soon he finds that his incredible powers and his pure heart make him a beacon to trouble, a natural hero... and a magnet to sexy monster girls!

NOTE: This is a really smutty story and a bit of a power fantasy, as a lot of isekai is—but with explicit sticky fun time. If you're into that, welcome aboard. If you're not, probably you'll want to look elsewhere, because the sex is integrated into the plot pretty seamlessly.

◆ = Smutty Chapter
◆◆ = Very Smutty, Possibly Kinky Chapter

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Caring Protagonist Comedic Undertone Cute Children Cute Story Demi-Humans Demons Devoted Love Interests Doting Love Interests Dragon Riders Elves Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Farming Friendship Gods Handsome Male Lead Harem-seeking Protagonist Human-Nonhuman Relationship Lazy Protagonist Level System Monster Girls Pregnancy Sexual Cultivation Technique Shapeshifters Sudden Strength Gain
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    Status: chapter 4: things keep escalating!

    The characterization in the prologue is too well done. You get attached to the initial cast and they are unceremoniously dumped. 

    The catgirl is rude and a kidnapper. The way she makes comments without a care for how she comes across is so annoying that the focus of the story shifts.

    It's no longer "Man gets Isekaid as a hero and makes a monster girl farm". It's "Man gets abducted to another world against his will and can only think with his d*ck as his kidnapper berates his every move." I don't want to read such a thing, so I won't.

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    Status: chapter 21: the new normal + moonlit...

    Divonia needs men. Badly. 

    No really. The fantasy world Monster Girl Sanctuary plays host to relies on males brought in from the outside for procreation. Thanks to an RPG system granting access to awesome magical and physical abilities and a pervasive culture of thirst among the local population, this isn’t such a raw deal for team sausage, even if, like Bucky, you get abducted in the middle of your shift rather than travel willingly. 

    Better yet, Bucky enters as one of just a fistful of heroes sworn to defend the land from three Dark Queens that would seek its ruin, with all the godly boons and social status that entails. It’s power fantasy, through and through, and I like power fantasy. The way the story wields its genre conventions and plot makes for a frustrating read, however. 

    The fact that Bucky acquires an ice breathing dragon and several skills shortly after his arrival to Divonia and only continues to grow in power isn’t what bothers me, hell, that’s the main draw of power/progression fantasies, the issue is that there’s little reason for me to care. By the time Bucky gets a master-crafted Lance of Returning that can collapse into a sword, I’m not excited to see him wield it in battle. I just feel... meh. 

    To feel invested, I need something solid behind the exp and levels, something that makes it exciting to see Bucky play with his toys. That can stem from a deep, interesting world, an engaging conflict, artfully developed characters, or pure spectacle DBZ-style. I’m afraid that Monster Girl Sanctuary provides none of that for me in sufficient amounts as of Chapter 21. It misses the mark as far as action/adventure power fantasies go. It doesn’t play with or expand on established plot points or concepts beyond using them to set up Bucky’s harem. Consequently, a lot of events come across as cheap or artificial, by the time the story starts hinting at wider-scope events, I can’t bring myself to believe that anything that happens will matter.  

    Fortunately enough, the fantasy hack n' slash, save the world romp isn’t the only thing Monster Girl Sanctuary has going for it, I mentioned spectacle being an aspect that can be used to generate interest in a story, Virgil Knightly does a solid attempt at achieving this through smutty slice of life and harem elements. It’s successful to a degree, the story’s following is a testament to that. The s*x scenes are above average in quality and the porn-to-plot ratio is pretty even, so people who enjoy the story’s smut will really enjoy it, but we run into problems whenever the women Bucky takes leave the bedroom.

    Early on, May Belle, a tender but s*xually forward Holstaur that serves as the team's heart, mentions something to the tune of huggling Bucky being her primary skillset, I’m afraid that that largely becomes every harem members’ as well. After sleeping with Bucky, their personalities beyond loving Bucky take a nosedive. This is somewhat justified in-story as an aspect of his being "brings out" their potential for devotion and love after he shares his meat with them, but instead of exploiting the implications of this for story beats, it's just used to handwave how quickly Bucky's conquests go from being booty calls to die-hard lovers. That's boring. I feel like the characters could have been made to fall hopelessly in love with Bucky without it overriding or precluding their personal motivations. I can’t separate the harem members' existences from Bucky's save for the cat-girl Autumn, who actively cares about saving Divonia and pushes him towards this objective. 

    When you think about this, all the praise and “I love yous” ring hollow. Of course, they love Bucky. They exist to love him. I have to fight to maintain the willing suspension of disbelief every time Bucky puts on his clothes. I have to fight to see people clinging to his arm rather than love dolls.   

    In terms of prose, Monster Girl Sanctuary is above average, I don’t have much to talk about on that front. It tends to use passive voice in ways that make it seem wordy or inefficient, but instances where it dragged me out of the story were rare. It’s passable on every other front, save for character voice. That aspect is very well developed, which is rare for webfiction. I had no problem visualizing Bucky, or understanding his thoughts and emotions. However, in the face of the above, it’s not enough to make the leap from an enjoyable story to an excellent one.   

    If I had to sum up my impression of this piece, I’d compare it to a theme park where Bucky gets to honk infinite boobs that can’t stop professing their undying love for him with some low-stakes fantasy minigames on the side. Fun to indulge in for a while, but there’s nothing that sticks. Events don’t naturally follow each other in a manner that makes it feel as though Divonia is a place in which Bucky lives rather than Bucky being an entity that Divonia was built to serve. That isn’t power fantasy by definition, though several writers stumble on that assumption. Overlord and Dungeonlord feature overpowered main characters that warp the world around them, but the stories show how deeply their existence affects the world, and several characters could survive on their own if the protagonist winked out of existence, they're interesting stories because of this. For the most part,  Monster Girl Sanctuary shows how deeply Bucky’s newfound ability to fight and swim in... love juice affects Bucky.I don't know or care enough about Bucky for that to be interesting. 

    Still, the story has varied and adorably designed monster girls who are all too willing to open their legs, a set to play with, and foes to slay. For many readers, that’s enough. 

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    Status: chapter 1: from flippin’ burgers to...

    I just stumbled across this title.... but I'm really liking the story so far!  I'm enjoying Bucky's attitude and I'm so looking forward to how he adapts to his new world!

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    Status: chapter 7: the not-so-simple life

    So far I've enjoyed this story and I look forward to where it's headed. Overall this is a fun story that doesn't take itself too seriously. It seems like it's more slice of life than most Isekai stories, but that there will be just enough action to keep the story interesting. So far for these first seven chapters, there had been 1 full chapter of s*x, separate heavy foreplay scene and plenty of flirting/s*x jokes, so it lives up to my hopes for erotic monster girl content so far.

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    Status: degen approved!

    Really enjoyable read. I binged the 20 chapters available at the time in one sitting. The story itself is fun and doesn't take itself too seriously. Solid action scenes mixed in with a healthy amount of degen. If I had any complaints I'd like to see more development for the women in the harem but I realize the author is working at it. 

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    Status: chapter 38: harem confrontation

    Not sure about those 2-3 stars under me. But this is a fantastic harem story.

    It has a MC that's not overpowered yet not beta, he's a bit numb at first with the sudden entry into this new fantasy world but is trying to adapt. And it's not like those other stories where boom he suddenly becomes all mighty and a killing machine. It's a progressive growth from novice to battle-hardened.

    The world is nicely detailed and you get a feel of what's going on around the MC and dangers lurking. Most tend to ignore these aspects but I find it necessary for the world building and settling in.

    The high point are the heroines. They are numerous but developed and lovable. Each brings something to the table. They have personality as well as weaknesses, making them realistic and relatable. Fluffy and smutty moments are abundant, giving that sweet diabetes most of us search for incessantly in harem novels.

    Overall, it's a must read.

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    Status: all chapters

    I have thoroughly enjoyed the series so far and I am jumping on this site every time a new chapter comes out as soon as I get the chance!

    I binge-read all the chapters in a night when I first found this series. The premise of a random man being literally dragged into a world that is basically part video game and the other part s*xual fantasy is enough to keep me coming back so I can find out what's going to happen next. 

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    Status: chapter 22: mess with the bull,...

    I've been shamelessly enjoying this novel, as its has pretty much everything I enjoy; monster girls to rpg mechanics. It has some very humourous moments and very kink friendly. The novel has good pacing and keeps the reader wanting to read more. Looking forward to what happens next in Bucky Drake's quest for his sanctuary  and Divonia!

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    Status: chapter 21: the new normal + moonlit...

    I rated this before but I saw some harsh (but fair) reviews and wanted to add my two cents.

    This is purely wish fulfillment, as one reviewer said. It's explicitly that, from chapter two I'd say, but the characters are likable, and you get a sense that the plot is building (slowly) to something big and epic. To me, the girls, despite basically being onaholes for the MC, still somehow feel pretty real, each with unique personalities and characterization, and that makes this "porn" pretty effective for me.

    The author is friendly and seems to take criticism in the comments reasonably well, so that's nice. Grammar is good, too, with very few mistakes overall. Prose is solid but easy to understand reading fast. At 21 chapters in, I'm mainly hooked for the characters. The pacing is very slow but also very good. Lots of quasi-slice of life stuff in between monster attacks and patrolling their territory, building toward some kind of conflict with "dark queens".

    My biggest criticism is I was hoping for a bit more farming and slice of life, since those are the best bits, but the quality of porn (this is very pornographic) is not bad and, weridly, makes me interested in the plot and the characters even more. They all have their own flavor, which is great and the unicorn girl is hilarious especially.

    This is not the best thing on SH, but it's pretty competent and I find myself reaching for this one more than most others recently. Author updates often too.

    Five stars is maybe slightly generous, but three stars seems oddly critical of, what seems to be, one of the better written stories in the MPF/harem genre on SH. If I didn't see a two star review in here, I'd have gone with 4 stars myself, but it's not far from a 5, so here we are.

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    Status: chapter 21: the new normal + moonlit...

    It's written well enough. Not many grammar mistakes, plot flows forward at a decent clip. That being said, it's 110% wish fulfillment and it shows early on. 

    If you don't mind living vicariously through a guy's life where girls practically beg for s*x and impossible luck is a daily thing, you'll like it. If you get tired of the world bending to give every opportunity for bedwarming possible, move on.

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