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/ Series / Tales of the Implock – A LitRPG Monster Evolution Story
Tales of the Implock – A LitRPG Monster Evolution Story
Tales of the Implock – A LitRPG Monster Evolution Story
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Nyx - A demon, weak and small, too fleeting of a creature to survive the infernal wastes in which he was born - but after multiple brushes with death, the otherwise inconsequential demon experiences a destiny-changing encounter with an unknown and eccentric god, foreign to this world. Cast from the domains of old and conspiring gods to a land of which is sheltered from the divine, beyond the reach of whence they scheme, the impling who soon would come to be known far and wide as Nyx will find a new purpose.

Born of Pride, with the fires of ambition fanned and burning deep within, Nyx will grow, learn, and evolve. From a weak and pathetic impling - to that of a mighty archdemon of untold demonic power, nothing will stand in the way of his ascent.

Yet, the yearn of power might not be the only thing the power-manic demon will come to desire as he will encounter others who might just matter as much to him as the ecstasy of power does.

This story features a wide breadth of characters with unconventional views, morals, and actions. There is no black and white - there is only grey. In a world where strength rules, notions of good and evil blur. The protagonist of this story is not a hero. He is not human. He is a megalomaniac demon trying to find his place in the world of which he has been discarded.

This novel is my first crack at making something serious, a piece of work I can be proud of. It is a part of a bigger universe that I am creating, The Aethos, and I fully intend for this story to be professionally edited, then self-published on Amazon. The novel will continue on for a long adventure, as each arc will be made into a proper book, but will always be available first here. Therefore I heavily encourage feedback and interaction. Anything to improve my story and my writing is greatly appreciated.

Thank you, and welcome to the Aethos.

[Schedule] - Five chapters a week.

I am also posting this story on Royalroad and Webnovel.

Adventurers Antihero Protagonist Appearance Changes Character Growth Cruel Characters Curious Protagonist Demons Depictions of Cruelty Determined Protagonist Evolution Familiars Game Elements Interconnected Storylines Level System Male Protagonist Monsters Non-human Protagonist Personality Changes Ruthless Protagonist Shameless Protagonist Slow Growth at Start Strength-based Social Hierarchy Summoning Magic Transformation Ability Weak to Strong
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Table of Contents
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