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Rumble Circuit
Rumble Circuit
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Upcoming physicist Janus Campbell is trapped in the world of Tersaia, where shadow monsters lurk the streets, anyone can be monitored at any time and fighting is the best way to make a living; either through the Rumble Circuit, a world-wide ranking of combatants that keeps tracks of participants’ wins and losses in competitive duels, or through slaying the constantly spawning Essencima that terrorize the population.

Unfortunately for Janus, he doesn’t know how to fight. No special moves. No signature techniques. Not even a basic grab.

However, there are two people that might be able to help him out. Itzel, an avaricious woman with the ability to manipulate the wind, and Gurk, a man-crocodile hybrid of few words that can control ice, are the ones that will have to help Janus if they ever want to leave the harrowing alleys of Labrisson and rank up in the Rumble Circuit.

Fighting GameLit/Light LitRPG

This is for fans of fighting games and “beat’em ups” and contains light sci-fi/fantasy aspects. There are LitRPG elements but don’t expect full stat sheets or levelling up in a multitude of skills. Major characters will have command lists posted as well as full body illustrations.

Updates every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday (at least).

ActionAdventureIsekaiLitRPGMartial ArtsSci-fi
e-Sports Game Elements Game Ranking System Grinding Polite Protagonist Quiet Characters Secret Organizations Slow Growth at Start Special Abilities Strategic Battles Strategist Transported into a Game World Weak to Strong
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