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/ Series / VTuber Idol Maker System (VIMS)
VTuber Idol Maker System (VIMS)
VTuber Idol Maker System (VIMS)
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Sen Kimura

Our protagonist. Formerly a 30 something self-proclaimed functioning member of society who fell deep into the rabbithole of VTubers. He died after watching a certain cute doggo's endurance stream after just finishing watching one from a certain fried chicken franchise owner. However, because it was a premature death, he got a second shot at life with a cheat system.

...Unfortunately, due to his past experiences, he was only qualified to reincarnate on 'Earth' instead of a fantasy world and his cheat system is restricted to 'making' VTuber Idols because of his dying obsessions.

Also had the (mis)fortune of being born with feminine looks that he is literally and figuratively working his ass off to change. Though, he can't really do much about his voice...

Hajime Kimura

Sen's dad. Basically a K-Drama male lead with a mysterious past that Sen knows nothing about.

On purpose. Because from the few memories of his dad showing up drenched in blood, he probably figured it was for his own good.

Out of the house most of the day, though he's always around to chat with Sen in the mornings.

Ren Kanryo

Sen's childhood friend. Calls Sen 'Kimura-san' because of an incident in the past, but the two are close enough to consider each other as brothers.

The son of a master Karate practitioner who owns a famous gym and dojo.

A natural lady killer, but he's extremely dense about it. Except when it comes to Sen apparently, but mostly because Sen made a point to hammer in whenever he notices Ren being flirty and racking up affection points.

A true normie... but he got corrupted into being an otaku after helping Sen buy manga and doujins.

Ayumi Ishida

The teacher of Happy Days Cram School. A very kind and sweet young woman who flunked out of university because she was too busy helping her friends study and prepare for classes and making sure they remembered to live healthy lifestyles. 

Apparently, she possesses great talent to be an idol.

Currently struggling to make ends meet, she's living in the building she rents to use as a cram school. 

In truth, if she was a bit more selfish, she could make an okay living as a tutor and get support from the friends she helped, but she has a somewhat stubborn streak in not wanting to owe people favors. 

Though, she also has a weak spot for people younger than her...

Sena Muraki

The 'ideal form' granted to Sen by using the Ultra Rare item, <The Man, the Myth, the Legend>.

Basically a perfect bombshell of a woman, 10/10 in voice, body, looks, and skills. 

...Though since it's still Sen, the personality could use a lot of work.

Celestine Elizabeth Pendragon (Celes)

A beautiful young woman who Sen saved from drowning while in his ideal female form, Sena.

Completely devoted to Sen after what happened since she genuinely believes he's a goddess. Especially after he appeared to take a male form just for her sake.

Sweet, supportive, and kind.

She says that she's a princess from the United Kingdom, as well as the last in line. But how in the world did she end up almost drowning in the middle of a pond in Japan?

Yui Lovelace

Akane Kanryo

Azura Stellaris

The first VTuber avatar that Sen unlocked. And one that he is definitely NOT using to stream. Absolutely not. No matter how much the gacha life tempts him.


VTuber Idol Maker System

The overarching cheat system granted to Sen upon his death. Using it, you can take the world by storm with unheralded VTubing technology and quality! It can also help make you and the people you recruit into the best idols!

Go fulfill YAG**'s dream in a new world and reach the new territories he couldn't!

Sends useful notes to help guide the user's ultimate goals... towards creating a successful VTuber enterprise, whether the user wants to or not.


Systems unlocked as of Chapter 1:

  1. Quest System
  2. Money/Achievement Point Exchange
  3. Achievement Point Gacha
  4. Skill/Attribute System

After a certain item is obtained from the gacha.



As of chapter 8, Sen's inventory consists of:

  • [UR: Shimmering Smiling Story]
  • [UR - Black and Pink Charm]
  • [R - Idol Basics x3]
  • [R - VTuber Basics x3]
  • [SR - Ladykiller]
  • [UR - The Man, the Myth, the Legend]
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Reviews 7
Table of Contents
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    Status: c6

    Ok this thing can be funny if you enjoy watching a person suffering:

    if you enjoy stuff like:

    1 Ha look at this guy's body mind controlled to act as a girl while he cant do nothing but silent suffer ahahaah

    2. Haa look at this guy being forced to show public as a girl ahahaha

    3. Haha look at this guy body forced gender bender into a woman and stripped naked in front of his friend ahahaa.

    THEN you got your funny read and Enjoy MC's misery. The whole comedy gags are being formed around brutaly induced gender bender stuff on a normal streight person. Of course the said person being tormented is presented in some kind of funny light mood as this kind of sh*t happening is not evil. Any other case run away from this "comedy"

    Read More

    30 Likes · Like
    Status: 24 – idol agency arc is go!

    Honestly, even though I'm not into traps and that sort of thing, this sh*t's been hilarious

    8.5/10 with a cherry on top

    Read More

    7 Likes · Like
    Status: 2- Wait a minute!

    The writing is funny, hilarious even, and just as I was joyously settling in to read what I was hoping would be a gem I hit the end of chapter two. Talk about a hard stop drop this sh*t moment.

     Being punished for failing a mission is one thing, but when the punishment for failure is mind control and the system broke its own rules to force the failure and thus the mind control on him this went from funny to mind rape real quick.

     If I were in his situation this would have moved from rage inducing and fight it all the way but knowing I'll probably give in eventually..... to absolute despair. Despair that would NOT end well for me or the system and it's mission. Dead hosts don't complete missions, and if you constantly have to mind control the host to prevent it from happening you're going to have a rather high mission failure rate. What is the point of even having a host if the system itself is the only one doing sh*t?

    Read More

    6 Likes · Like
    Status: 27 – a storm brewing in the...

    The humour is top notch, and brilliant, and doesn't rely on second-hand embarrassment, which is usually a killer for me, so that's great. The story is remarkably wholesome despite its name, and I recommend a read as it's not just "a gimmick story"

    Read More

    5 Likes · Like
    Status: 25 – [azura stellaris] hi~! i brought...

    I only just started reading this and I absolutely love it! From the system to the way the story so far is very new to me but even so I’m enjoying it a ton.

    Read More

    4 Likes · Like
    Status: 47 – i hate romcom

    This is great.

    While it kicked off a bit on the darker end it gets better as it goes and shows great humor and references.

    The characters fit the theme and world to the tee and the whole cast shows a great range of personalities.

    Read More

    1 Likes · Like
    Status: 40 – loveless war

    3 words:

    IT'S A TRAP!!!

    Okay, I'm good.

    Jokes aside, this novel is hilarious, though I think the setting for the MC's father doesn't really fit the story.

    Read More

    1 Likes · Like
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