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❛ if the damned burn, then why i am undoubtedly safe with him? ❜

Twenty year old Fang Jinyu is a bounty hunter of a highest caliber, a cold, lonely man who seems nondescript. There's a history in his scars and mannerisms, secrets that aren't shared.

One person in this world understands Jinyu to the core, but he's betrayed him once already; if he betrays Han Ketian once more, if retribution doesn't get him, Ketian certainly would, without doubt.

And that's just the issue: Jinyu is near certain that Ketian is the serial killer he's hunting for, but Ketian is both unforgiving and a sense of salvation in of himself. So then choose: heaven gates or hellfire? Even worse, the decision that may be right might not lead to heaven regardless.

bounty hunter mc \ serial murderer ml

AdultBoys LovePsychologicalRomance
Cold Protagonist Love Interest Falls in Love First Male Protagonist Male Yandere Murders Past Plays a Big Role Possessive Characters Protagonist Strong from the Start Slow Romance Tragic Past
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