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/ Series / Kibo: The New Age of Cornith
Kibo: The New Age of Cornith
Kibo: The New Age of Cornith
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In 2202 A.D. the satellite, radar, and energy sensory technology of world governments allowed them to discover "Mana". One could absorb this Mana through the use of their penial gland and store in their brain before channeling it through one's body.

Along with the discovery of this, the entire world united and focused most of its resources into researching it. They began investing in devices worth trillions of US dollars. These devices could detect and track the flow of Mana and they used them to try to better understand its properties.

They soon realized however that Earth had pitifully low amounts of Mana on it and had no discernable use.

When people started to lose faith in the entire project African American Scientist; Gideon Kingston discovered that there would occasionally be strange surges of Mana which at first glance were in no way connected.

He gathered some of his friends; Alexander Bishop, Selina, and Geoffry Winchester, Dennis Lancel, Andrew Ventura, Penelope Silva, and Eleanor Tesla. All of them, giants in their fields of science who had risen to prominence within the last 20 years.

They pooled all of their resources and eventually came to discover that each time these "Mana surges" took place someone had vanished never to be seen again. They then came to the conclusion that these people were being summoned to other worlds by forces beyond their current realm of understanding and power.

When this news was released to the world panic ensued. Some people feared that at any moment they could be summoned and never see their loved ones again, some wanted to try to develop countermeasures against the summoning, others knew that there was no way to stop it and simply gave up hope, and others still were excited (Of course it was the Otakus).

As governments once again focused resources into studying Mana and Magic Gideon ad his friends became absorbed in finding a solution to what had been dubbed "The Call". 2 years later they announced the invention of an object which could be implanted within an infant's cerebrum.

They called it Kibo the Japanese word for hope. They named it so because they found the core material for its creation; a metal called Mithril on one of Japan's colony planets: Zenith and it served as a safety net for those summoned by "The Call".

The Kibo would fuse with an infant and growing alongside it. It would remain dormant for most people's lives as it would only activate when its host was affected by "The Call". When the host was summoned the Kibo would completely fuse with the host. The Kibo would release Mana into the host's body that it had absorbed from the surrounding's of the host while dormant. The Kibo would use this ability in tandem with data it collected on the host and the new world the latter had been summoned to alter the DNA of the host.

The vast majority jumped at the opportunity to offer their children any form of refuge in the case that "The Call" came for them. Yet, some feared the Kibo because of its capabilities to read minds and fundamentally alter its host. Governments soon passed laws forcing every infant to receive a Kibo as it was the only way to ensure the safety of future generations.

Now, nearly 100 years later many massive breakthroughs have been made in regards to the understanding of Mana, and now the youngest generation of the Kibo's Inventors has been summoned to a world called Cornith.

[Stop by my discord if you want to comment directly as I support all CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. I will leave a link at the bottom of chapter 1.]

Antihero Protagonist Appearance Different from Actual Age Army Building Beast Companions Childhood Friends Childhood Love Dungeons Elemental Magic First Love First-time Intercourse Heroes Kingdom Building Lovers Reunited Magic Multiple Protagonists Multiple Reincarnated Individuals Pregnancy Reincarnated into a Game World Strong Love Interests Strong to Stronger Sword And Magic
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