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/ Series / I Was a God Until I Got Summoned
I Was a God Until I Got Summoned
I Was a God Until I Got Summoned
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Full Name: Rhaxtyx "Rex/Rax"

Age: 20.000+ (Originally) - 18 (Appearance)

Race: God

Profession: God of Magic (Grelia) - Summoned

Servant (Thyra)


Red Eyes and white hair. He has average height

and he is not to be exclaimed at when you see him out on the street. He is not

a charming person as he doesn't want unnecessary attention to himself. He keeps

his appearance to bare minimum but his original form is quite handsome,

according to himself.


He is extremely curious and is always seeking

for new things to experience. He has a tendency to forget everything around him

as he focuses on something that interests him. He loves to do various experiments

on living beings; be it sentient races such as humans and elves or non-sentient

beings like wild animals and magical beast. His eyes usually wander around as

he is searching for things to learn and experiment on. This new world he got

summoned to is like a paradise to him.

He is overly self conscious and does not try

to hide the fact that he is the God of Magic.

Status: Alive

Current location: Vulca City


Full Name: Angeline "Ange" Ulvia Uvla

Age: 17

Race: Human

Profession: Inn Hostess (Previously) – Adventurer



Long sky blue hair, deep blue and round eyes. She

has an average height for a woman, standing at about 168 cm. She is charming

and is troubled by this before.


She is apparently a princess of the Water God

Clan as she is escorted out of Leilo by their people. She says her surname is

Ulvia but these guards claim otherwise.

She is a very violent person and doesn't back

away from hurting others. She has a hard time recognizing things from time to

time and if she doesn't want to accept something, then she doesn't acknowledge

anything about it.

Status: Alive

Current location: Unknown


Full Name: Badgey

Age: 3

Race: Magical Beast (Turned from a wild beast

by Rhaxtyx) – Honey Badger

Profession: Pet


Has the appearance of a honey badger, just

about 4 times larger. Brown eyes and armor like skin. Your average honey badger

mutated into a magical beast by eating the core of a Gleam Beak.


Loves mischief. It always plays pranks on

Rhaxtyx whenever it has the chance. But, in its eyes, this privilege only

belongs to the people Badgey approves of, namely Ange and Miriam. It is

protective of its territory and family.

Status: Alive

Current location: Vulca City


Full Name: Miriam (previously No. 99)

Age: Unknown but can't be older than 25

Race: Human

Profession: Assassin


Long and crimson hair with green eyes. Her

skin is fair despite her rough profession. She has a nimble and flexible body

as she was made that way and her slender body allows her to pass through even

the most narrows gaps.


She is extremely dutiful and will only focus

on that. As she was raised as a tool of war, her thinking also became like that,

meaning almost none. She only recently started to think for herself thanks to

Rhaxtyx so she is curious about most thinks.

She is very enthusiastic about handicrafts but

hides it from Rhaxtyx as she is shy about it.

Status: Alive

Current location: Vulca City


Name: Kai

Age: 6

Race: Wolfkin

Profession: Child


A cute little girl with blonde hair and green

eyes with black wolf ears on top her head. She has a round face and her

timidness adds up to her cuteness. She has an unexplainable natural aura.


She is timid and afraid of human contact. Her

slave up bringing made her fear humans and made her love animals more and more.

Status: Alive but unconscious

Current location: Vulca City


Full Name: Roman Valamir

Age: 33

Race: Human

Occupation: Blacksmith


Dark skin and a huge body. An intimidating man

that looks angry all the time. His brown eyes are scary to look at and his

messy brown hair can do with a wash.


Extremely proud of his work and will get angry

with anyone who dares to laugh at them but knows his limits and acknowledges

his loss against Rhaxtyx. He isn't blessed by mana so he is relatively weak

compared to his brother and other smiths but this just makes him more


Status: Alive

Current location: Unknown but last seen in Leilo

Kingdom of Herron

A kingdom ruled by Herron Family. This family

is specialized in fire magic and doesn't care too much about worldly matter.

That is why their city lords are mostly independent and slavery is common in

the kingdom. The existence of demi-humans is not welcomed in the Kingdom and

this discrimination led to slavery.

The Kingdom is located in the north-east corner of

the continent, trapping the Dynasties with Hillan Imperium in a corner with

infertile lands and cold glaciers and seas.

Capital: Alastan

Hillan Imperium

They share a border with Kingdom of Herron and

the Dynasties. Hillan Imperium is located towards the north of Kingdom of

Herron and is trapping the Dynasties between them and cold seas of north. They

have sent envoys to Kingdom of Herron to talk about a possible peace and about

taking precautions against the aggressive Dynasties.

Capital: Hillnaia

The Dynasties

Trapped by Hillan Imperium from west and Kingdom of Herron from south

between cold deserts, glaciers and cold seas, the Dynasties seek to reach

warmer climates at all costs. Cold deserts and glaciers make it almost

impossible to reach the sea so their sea faring technology is far behind other


The Dynasties conduct inhumane experiments on humans with abducting

babies. These experiments have a mortality rate of 0.01%.

Divided into 4 Dynasties and ruled by 4 brothers, the Dynasties are

comprised of:


Ruled by Juuran Nelor, the eldest brother.

Capital: Heiliqing


Ruled by Kvat Nelor, second eldest.

Capital: Quzhouide


Ruled by Vesna Nelor, second youngest.

Capital: Jiacheng


Ruled by Yavz Nelor, the youngest.

Capital: Shuoqing

Kingdom of Herron
Vulca City

The closest city to the border between the

Dynasties, Hillan Imperium and Kingdom of Herron.

It is in Kingdom of Herron's borders but is almost an independent city because of lack of administration by the capital.

Leilo City

A city at the east of Vulca City. It is a

military city operating mainly as a forward barracks.

It contains most of Herron Imperial Military's newly recruits.

Helenia Forest

A forest named after the old human kingdom

with the same name. It borders Vulca City jurisdiction and Leilo City

jurisdiction. It is also used as a training ground for new recruits from Leilo

City because it contains numerous wild and magical beasts.

Feraz Village

A small village that mainly earns its income by stock breeding. It is

situated a week of walking distance to Kalden Village. This village was

attacked by bandits for capturing Angeline and Rhaxtyx. This order was given by

unknown people. The village got destroyed after Rhaxtyx going berserk and in its

place is a mana rich place. After a while mages and scientists came here from

the capital Alasta for researching mana crystals.

Kalden Village

A small farming

village with the population of 183. The people here are trying to get by, as

the lord of this territory demanded astronomical taxes. Angeline summoned

Rhaxtyx to this village.

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      Status: chapter 008 – ghosts of the past
      Jul 9, 2019
      This is an example of a premise with a lot of potential handled very poorly. The writing conventions are actually pretty good, but the writer lacks a bit on the finer points. The "emotional" moments are handled with all the sublety of the Darth Vader "NOOOOO" scream, or the LOTR scene where Gimly finds out the dwarf king died, drops to his knees, cries really loudly, and bashes his head against the stone coffin. The writer just does not know how to write an emotional scene, and does not know how to give the reader a reason to care.
      Such issues are almost forgivable though, but the thing that actually somehow managed to make me irrationally angry as I read this was how droolingly stupid the heroin was. She is irrationally violent, and she just refuses to ever use her brain at all. She says if a summoning takes more than 2 days, you've likely summoned an arch spirit. However, when her summoning takes more than a week, she just immediately dissmisses it when she's told she summoned a god. Later, she drops information that a person's mana is fixed from the moment they are born. Then, when the MC proves that wrong and increases his mana, she treats it like no big deal just because his mana is still low.
      And, again, the fact that she's irrationally violent and starts beating the MC for absolutely no reason. And then she forces him to be her servant. And then the author wants to somehow tell us these two share some sort of close bond when they have not given us a single scene to show they are actually building a relationship. (Well, he does, but it's really more of a montage. A montage doesn't count. The reader is not actually given any "moments" in full detail.) Then, when the heronine finally decides to tell the MC about her past, she starts it with "one upon a time." I literally dropped the series the second I read that line.
      EDIT: I seem to have been blocked by the author since writing this review. Just found out about it now when I tried to reply to someone. This tells me the author has no intention of improving the quality of their work. This was 2 star when I first wrote it, demoting it to 1 star for this attitude from the author.

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