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/ Series / Path of the Invincible Dragon
Path of the Invincible Dragon
Path of the Invincible Dragon
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In the Sunken Zika world where the Purple Star shines, Mwana Jua begins his path on the Way of the Warrior just like his ancestors did. He dreams of becoming a Crystal Warrior just like every other child, but he soon comes to realize that there is much more to power the higher he climbs.
His journey is not just to be the greatest, but to bring happiness to his family, to support his love, and to fulfill his teacher's greatest dream.
He embarks on a path that crosses life and death spanning across the realms of Demons, Dragons, Magic, and even Gods; the Path of the Invincible Dragon.
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ActionAdventureComedyFantasyMartial ArtsMysterySupernatural
Academy Adventurers Ancient Times Army Building Caring Protagonist Childhood Friends Cultivation Cunning Protagonist Demonic Cultivation Technique Demons Dragons Fantasy World Godly Powers Gods Kingdom Building Politics Reincarnation
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Table of Contents
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