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/ Series / Into the Magic World
Into the Magic World
Into the Magic World
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The 17-year-old Alex Ryder is born into a military family with his future already planned by his father. Everything is going according to the plan. Alex was thrown into a military school, and during summer, he had to attend survival camps. Any refusal will be met with strict military discipline. Soon, he would join the Special forces and slowly climb up the military rank.

Yet in his meticulously planned life, fate entered.

During a hunting trip with his uncle, Alex inexplicably entered a dark forest, far away from his controlling father. For the first time, he was free and was excited. But seeing the terrible beasts roaming the forest, he was soon terrified. Alex struggled to survive in the Dark forest until he discovers Mana.

After discovering Mana, everything changed. Alex embarked on a legendary path of Battle God, leaving behind countless myths.

Follow Alex as he explores the mysteries of the Magic world and tries to find his way back.

ActionAdventureFantasyMartial ArtsRomance
Accelerated Growth Alchemy Archery Army Building Bloodlines Business Management Demons Evil Gods Knights Magic Beasts Pets Slow Romance Weak to Strong Wizards
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Table of Contents
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