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/ Series / EVERNA Maven
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Maven is known among her friends as a cheerful, energetic and somewhat sensitive girl. Unknown to them, Maven secretly holds a bad reputation and a dark past.

Must Maven hide behind her lies? Can she take an impossible revenge and hold on to an indecent love? Most of all, can she keep the world safe from someone’s insane ambition?

Fly high, o' sparrow. Fly free with the wind.

"A perfect fantasy." - Djokolelono, author of Space Odyssey Saga

For more information, visit, Facebook @evernasaga and Twitter/Instagram @evernade.
This story is also posted in Royal Road platform,

ActionAdventureFantasyMartial ArtsRomance
Adopted Protagonist Adventurers Alternate World Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Female Protagonist Heroes Humanoid Protagonist Hunters Monsters Naive Protagonist Parallel Worlds Protagonist Falls in Love First Protagonist Loyal to Love Interest Revenge Tomboyish Female Lead Unrequited Love
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