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Glory be to Arria
Glory be to Arria
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Michael De Arria has recently been crowned as the emperor to the Divine Empire of Arria. Upon being crowned he quickly has to face the looming threat of a two sided war. The Allonian Empire has backed the Kingdom of Aveven in their war to defend their territory while the Yanzhou Dynasty watches with greedy eyes waiting for the perfect time to strike. Not only does Michael have to worry about outside threats but he must quell inner threats as well. Giovanni, Chancellor and previous regent of Arria, has accumulated large amounts of wealth and influence in the east during the regency while a possible pretender for the throne sits waiting in the west. But let others worry for you, lucky Arria, shall marry.
The art work is not mine. It is a fanart of Prussia from Hetalia.
Warning: This is a historical fantasy novel and therefore rape, racism, foul language, gore can all appear. While this novel isn't a smut there will be some sexual themes. Nothing too risque though, so don't get your hopes up.
I will also be uploading to Royal Road as well under the username of DnwcMizu.

Aristocracy Arranged Marriage Arrogant Characters Beautiful Female Lead Cold Love Interests Cold Protagonist Corruption Devoted Love Interests Domestic Affairs Empires European Ambience Fantasy World Forced Marriage Medieval Military Multiple POV Nationalism Nobles Politics R-18 Royalty Unreliable Narrator Wars
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      Status: c65
      Jan 2, 2020


      These is one of the best light novels I ever read and I read a lot of them.            (I came to these site because I finished reading everything interesting on royal road. By the way AUTHOR you should publish your novel there as well!!!!!!!!!!)  

      I will tell you right away why I gave 5 stars.

      The story is incredibly original not your typical shounen/cultivation/gameworld story that every authors keeps on writing saturating every site with that sh*t (only few are good) every chapter hooks you wanting you to read more and more.

      The main character is not your typical OP character you can clearly see the progression of the character (who does not like a strong main character but not overly OP like most of the light novels)

      I really loved the implementation of magic in the novel (read it you will be happily surprised)

      Last for grammar I never read mistakes (maybe there are some but could not see them while I was reading)


      Really recommend to try it.

      And Author if you read these you are amazing hope to see how you continue the story.

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