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Glory be to Arria
Glory be to Arria
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Giovanni De Alle

Archduke of Alle and Chancellor of Arria. He controls immense influence in the Court of Nobles and possesses immense wealth.

Isabella De Alle

Daughter of Archduke Giovanni De Alle and wife of Michael De Arria. She is petite and possesses the traditional Arrian features.

Luca De Cara

He is the captain of the royal guard. He was raised next to Michael with the single goal of serving him.

Matteo De Ante

A fallen noble who cast aside his titles to marry a commoner. He is a member of the royal guard.

Michael De Arria

The emperor of the Divine Empire of Arria. He possesses an imperial sigil and has the traditional Arrian Features: Red eyes and white hair.

Arrian Flag

Arrian Flag. Glory be to Arria! For the Emperor! Purge the heretics!

The Treaty of Merey

The treaty that formed the Allonian Empire. It gave the title of Archduchy to the kingdoms of Silton, Merey, and Tonsia. It gave the title of emperor to Henry Cavendish. It also created the House of Nobles. It was signed in the year 1346.

The Treaty of Hinck

The treaty was signed at the end of the Allonian Civil War. It lead to the destruction of the Cavendish familty as well as recognizing William Asherton as the archduke of Silton. It was signed in the year 1411.


Two cities situated between two rivers. Casterso is often used for the region while the most influential person is the Archduke of Alle. Due to this and their proximity people have begun using the two interchangeably in reference to the region. It is the primary agricultural region of Arria.


The Allonian Empire is a confederation of archduchies and other states. The people there are mostly traders and it is centered around the Allonian sea where it derives its name from. It is mostly plains and farmland. Allonia has the strongest navy on the continent. The empire chooses the emperor with the Asherton family currently in power under William Asherton.


The farthest region from the capital. They are situated in the west of Arria and are close to the Yanzhou with many cultural ties to Monza. The current Archduke of Ante holds a decent amount of power and has claim to the throne through his imperial sigil.


The Divine Empire of Arria is the setting of the story. It is the largest empire on the continent as well as the second oldest. There are a number of rivers where people live around and the land tends to be hilly and forested. The people are religious and believe their emperor is chosen by God. The current emperor is Michael De Arria.


The kingdom of Aveven is ruled by King Harold. They are not very large but lie upon one of the two land routes between Arria and Allonia. They border both. They are mostly Alton but a small population of Rien people live in the south west of the country.


The capital city of Arria. The imperial palace resides here and much of the book takes place here. It is situated upon the Arrian river.


A castle located in the mountains north of Alle. It is situated upon the main road and has been built with siege warfare in mind. The castle has only been successfully taken twice in history, both times by Arrians.


The Kingdom of Monza are just north of Arria. They are the largest and most important ally and trading partner of Arria but despite their size in land they are deceptively low in population. They have close ties to noble families in Ante.


City on the Critririan side of the border river controlled by Arria. Important city for trade between Arria and other countries.

The Kingdom of Felworth

The most prominent Alton nation until the creation of Allonia. They are famous for leading the Alton people in a series of wars against the Yanzhou. They have since taken a back seat in politics and dislike Allonia for this. They border both the Yanzhou and Allonia. They mantain no formal means of diplomacy with Arria.


The Yanzhou border Arria and are not native to the continent. They invaded and have long since settled in the West. At the height of their power they controled half the continent. Eventually they were defeated by the Kingdom of Felworth and Arria. Their two largest neighbors are Arria and the Kingdom of Felworth.


The main culture group of the Allonians. Before Allonia came into existence the largest Alton nation was the Kingdom of Felworth. Along with the Arrians they are considered the original inhabitents of the continent.

Court of Nobles

The court that governs Arria. It is the last vestige of the parliamentary system. There are 80 seats representing various nobles and titles. The emperor is in charge of overseeing the court and can override the court.


The culture group of the Yanzhou Dynasty. Most Hantzu live within Yanzhou but a few small pockets live elsewhere with a notable population living in the west of Felworth.

Imperial Sigil

A double headed eagle found on the back. It is used for the Arrian flag and it is required for one to inherit the Arrian throne. The more detailed the sigil the stronger its effects. Main effects are supernatural healing, strength, speed, and stamina as well as immunity to poison.


The major culture group the Arrians belong to. Most share similar customs, language, and features. They are the second biggest culture group on the continent. Arria is the largest Rien nation.

The War of Brothers

A civil war between the many nobles of Allonia starting in the year 1409 and ending with the signing of the Treaty of Hinck in 1411. The Archduchy of Tonsia led many of the nobles in rebellion against the Archduchies of Merey and Silton. Among the many generals William Asherton stood out, winning battle after battle.

  1. Pleasure to See You5 hours ago
  2. Deja VuJul 18, 2019
  3. Talk of WarJul 18, 2019
  4. All Too CommonJul 17, 2019
  5. Finally Reached CervaJul 16, 2019
  6. Husband and WifeJul 16, 2019
  7. Charming PersonalityJul 15, 2019
  8. Great LibraryJul 15, 2019
  9. Attempt at the ThroneJul 14, 2019
  10. Noble NationJul 14, 2019
  11. Compelling ArgumentJul 13, 2019
  12. Imperial SigilJul 13, 2019
  13. Merely Wishes and DreamsJul 12, 2019
  14. Reins of DestinyJul 12, 2019
  15. Brother MichaelJul 11, 2019
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