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/ Series / It Started with Slime
It Started with Slime
It Started with Slime
86.4k Views 2046 Favorites 193 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 339 Readers
4.6 (20 ratings)
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Total Views (All): 86,440
Total Views (Chapters): 76,644
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Word Count:321,414
Average Words:1,665
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    Status: interlude xxxviii – 5 – haemish / boren, how...

    I find it weird that there's a story sitting here with nearly 200 chapters and zero reviews. I'll give it a shot.

    TL;DR - I think if the author just tightened up the story so it moves faster they have something pretty good going on here. Grammar's great, world building is coming together, and characters have personality and charm.

    The most extraordinary thing about this story is its pacing. I believe this might be the slowest paced story I've ever read. Often I find myself skimming through the chapters because of just how little the plot seems to move forward. The author seems to love to capture every hour of every day and every thought in great detail, sometimes even from multiple perspectives. So if you're looking for a fast-paced thriller I can definitely say this is not it. But if you're into very introspective characters who explain everything, then this might be your jam.

    Alongside this general pacing issue, I question the choice of where the author starts the story. It seems to start way too early. To explain this I have to go into spoilers.


    Main character dies an ego death in chapter 51 when they awaken their past life memories and the story earns its Isekai tag. This event rewrites the personality and goals of the MC. It goes from "getting stronger and flying" to "where are humans and I want to be human again."  Which basically makes the first 50 chapters the longest prologue ever. It may be possible to read the story starting at 51 with only knowing he can take traits of what he eats.


    My most negative criticism of the story is how it feels like character intelligence can vary wildly in order to suit the plot. There's a pretty major point in the story where it feels like MC goes from careful and plotting to full pants-on-head derp mode.


    I can buy that MC is enamored at seeing a mythical beast like a gryphon and wants to see it up close. Sure. Fine, he can fall asleep on it. Whatever. But when he gets caught for screaming in fear from his brand new fear of heights when he's previously been on top of trees and rooftops that feels like a stretch. Then it's only made worse when a few chapters later his phobia is gone as he gazes down at the capital with zero fear and just wonder. It just came off as really shoehorned in.


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