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/ Series / Earth’s chosen (An Urban Progression LitRPG)
Earth’s chosen (An Urban Progression LitRPG)
Earth’s chosen (An Urban Progression LitRPG)
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4.8 (12 ratings)
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Quest: feel the flow of mana in the world.
Reward: [Perception I] skill video.

A System Scenario.

Albert was thrilled. What he didn't know was that the system did not come without its price. And the price was a full-scale invasion of planet Earth at the hands of an unknown species, waging Holy War against Humanity.

Follow Samantha Cromwell, head of the Bureau of Supernatural Affairs in her attempts at containing the threat and shielding the world from the horrors that come with magic, at the price of her own soul. Follow Albert Grassman, a college student on his way to becoming a mage worthy of his name, thanks to a powerful System and invaluable allies.

Hope that they save the world from annihilation.

ActionAdventureFantasyLitRPGSci-fiSlice of Life
Alternate World Fantasy World Level System Military Modern Day Modern Fantasy Modern Knowledge Modern Time Multiple Timelines Mysterious Family Background Overpowered Protagonist Protagonist Strong from the Start Skill Books Skill Creation Strong to Stronger Time Manipulation Time Travel
Table of Contents 48
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Table of Contents
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