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/ Series / The Immortal Ash of Yggdrasil – Part Two – The Usurpers
The Immortal Ash of Yggdrasil – Part Two – The Usurpers
The Immortal Ash of Yggdrasil – Part Two – The Usurpers
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Venus, the great city at the northern sea border, lay in ruins with an insignificant six hundred survivors. Crushed by the machinations of a foreign power who now seeks to invade the Centurion Kingdom they once guarded.

The Lady of that city, Rusalka, together with her husband, Alexander, has no choice but to bear the burden to raise an army and ready herself to face this threat. She will not fight alone, for the Prince of her kingdom comes bearing both arms and armies from all across the land.

What of the south, however? Now unguarded, not against any foreign power, but its own ambitious and disgruntled Lords and their council? These were men of no lesser standing than Rusalka herself, but they were far different in their purposes and the burdens they bare.

Towards that place is where Rapture, the Child of Immortals, now departs together with the nation's Princess, Lucretia, and fifty four of Venus' survivors who bid to serve as their bodyguards.

The Centurion Kingdom's ancient secrets, the entire Muspelheim Continent's too, and the very real "Gods" who exist in the background behind every nation of this world, are all about to step into the light, which seems to herald the dawn of a new age of strife.

Antihero Protagonist Beautiful Female Lead Betrayal Calm Protagonist Character Growth Dragons Gods Strength-based Social Hierarchy Tomboyish Female Lead Wars Weak to Strong
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