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/ Series / The Dragon Maid’s Brother
The Dragon Maid’s Brother
The Dragon Maid’s Brother
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Smaug in his Human form is:

stands there is a boy about 5 feet tall and around 16 years of age. He has red hair with orange tips with four spike like horns, pointed behind him, two at each side of his head. He has the same eyes as his dragon form. There is a 3 meter long tail behind him.

In his dragon form:

His head is 6.5 meters long, and 3.5 meters in height and width. His neck is 24 meters long. His torso is 24 meters long, and 9 meters wide at the chest. He stands five stories or 15 meters high at the back. His tail is 8 meters across and 81 meters long. His wings are maybe 90 meters on either side, so he has a wingspan of 189 meters 

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