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Re: Fifth Life
Re: Fifth Life
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This is a multi-story fic.
Story #1: Harukin's fifth life, in 'NEET receives a Dating Sim Game Leveling System' novel[Hiatus temporarily. I will be uploading the second story these few days.]
Story #2: Harukin is an everyday overpowered isekai protagonist. He is reincarnated in NEET dating sim, but with a twist. This world has futas! The holy futanaris! And our MC is one such holy figure!
Story #3: When a not-so-normal chuuni finds himself in an isekai with reversed morals, where it is the women who are more horny and active than men. In this isekai, it is the women who pursue men!
A weird Gacha appears in his field of view. He spun the gacha and got Six Eyes and Limitless from JJK, as well as a Jutsu Dimension where he can learn all the jutsus of the Naruto world and Kurama-level chakra reserves.
What would our overpowered protagonist do in the supernatural world of Yin-Yang Masters, Spirit-branded Retainers, and other spiritual ability users?
Story #6: I'm inspired to write a chaotic, nonsense fic. As such, this will be that.

*I will upload a chapter of two stories each week.
I'll upload multiple instances of the same story, or even multiple stories with completely different plots here. This is just an amalgamation of my ideas which may or may not make sense. Proceed with caution.
I don't want to start a new series every time my old ideas become unmotivating or when I get a spark of inspiration.
Let's see how this one goes, but as usual, don't get your hopes up. I'll try to update regularly,.
P.S. Cover is not my own, criticism welcome, I'm not an English native so don't mind the grammar, and I'm most definitely a newb even though I published many stories(which I ended up keeping on hiatus coz my brain juiced died out), so I'd welcome suggestions to improve my writing.
Do note that this summary description is prone to changes from time to time. I can change the synopsis, genres, tags, etc. at any time. I don't know how this will end as, but I know that it'll be something I can be proud of.

ActionDramaFanfictionRomanceSchool LifeSci-fiSlice of LifeSmutSupernatural
I Alone Level Up Jujutsu Kaisen My Hero Academia Naruto NEET Receives A Dating Sim Game Leveling System
Apocalypse Appearance Different from Actual Age Arrogant Characters Artificial Intelligence Bisexual Protagonist Clingy Lover Easy Going Life Fated Lovers Incest Introverted Protagonist Multiple POV Multiple Reincarnated Individuals Multiple Timelines Older Love Interests Past Trauma Reincarnation Sexual Abuse Siblings Not Related by Blood Spatial Manipulation
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