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/ Series / Naruto: The Eyes of Creation
Naruto: The Eyes of Creation
Naruto: The Eyes of Creation
11.1k Views 133 Favorites 38 Chapters 4 Chapters/Week 99 Readers
4.8 (5 ratings)
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[A Naruto Fanfiction]

What if there is a new clan joined the famous village, Konoha? Especially if this clan members have one unique feature which is looks almost same like Uchiha but with different color? Will this clan have the same fate like Uchiha?

Murata Ryuzaki, our protagonist suddenly transmigrated and become the clan heir! Follow him along his journey, exploring the vast Naruto world while trying to discover his clan eyes power!

*A/N: I created this fanfic because inspired after watching Boruto travelled back to his father past. So, there is a chance this fanfic will continue to the Boruto's era. As for the plotline, I have planned it, but there will be no definite release schedule.

ActionAdventureFanfictionFantasyMartial ArtsSupernatural
Academy Accelerated Growth Alternate World Based on an Anime Handsome Male Lead Hard-Working Protagonist Male Protagonist Ninjas Ruthless Protagonist
Table of Contents 38
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Table of Contents
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    New Bossy_owner
    Status: competition between the youth(2)

    Not bad! But I feel the personality of the Naruto characters are a bit forced and Neji was nerfed. He was even forced by the author to sit with Naruto's classmates. Btw does the MC has a thing for the women in his family?... like praising the attractin of his mom towards men and even more for his 7 yo lil sister. I hope we don't end with incest. 

    For someone with memories from another world, he is not in a hurry or worried about this new world or ambitious. And he's not into individual strength outside his sourounding, , ,

    The good side is the bloodline and the eyes which are unique and this piqued my curiosity. That is why I rated 4 instead of 3.5🤔🙄 I guess...

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    New AzuraD
    Status: c 28

    This story have a good plot line but for the most part this story needs is a greater amount of readers to give typo alerts and to correct grammer mistakes that are there as there are many of them.

    (will change the review if chapters get clean and fresh to read. I don't hate the story as the plot line is looking great for now, but what gets me is the grammer. In some chapters there are none but the next chapter is full of them).

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