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/ Series / The Immortal Calamity
The Immortal Calamity
The Immortal Calamity
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4.6 (28 ratings)
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Enshrined in the annals of history, the rule of the empress was absolute. Her power struck fear into the heart of mortal men. It was said that even death itself would bend to her whim. With a single wave of her hand, she could raise the dead to fight at her command. The pale, glowing, green eyes of her shambling undead struck fear into even the most hardened soldiers. For centuries, the empress ruled absolute. Until one day, a great hero rose up to stand against her.

Decades later, the empress is reborn into the body of a small child. Presented with the opportunity to start anew once again, will she once again walk the road of revenge and power, or will her new family show her a better path? Will any of them survive long enough to find out? Only time can tell.

Antihero Protagonist Character Growth Child Protagonist Demons Familial Love Female Protagonist Magic Monsters Necromancer Psychic Powers Reincarnation Resurrection Sharing A Body Soul Power Tomboyish Female Lead Wars
Table of Contents 295
  1. Chapter 295Oct 30, 2023
  2. Chapter 294Oct 22, 2023
  3. Chapter 293Oct 2, 2023
  4. Chapter 292Oct 2, 2023
  5. Chapter 291Sep 17, 2023
  6. Chapter 290Sep 6, 2023
  7. Chapter 289Aug 28, 2023
  8. Chapter 288Aug 18, 2023
  9. Chapter 287Aug 10, 2023
  10. Chapter 286Jul 31, 2023
  11. Chapter 285Jul 23, 2023
  12. Chapter 284Jul 17, 2023
  13. Chapter 283Jul 10, 2023
  14. Chapter 282Jul 2, 2023
  15. Chapter 281Jun 24, 2023
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      Status: chapter 152

      A captivating story with a solid and easy-to-follow storytelling, featuring a vivid and effective descriptions. It has a good balance of dialogues, narration, and world-building for such a fast-paced story with short chapters. The story doesn't deviate from its promise, it's exactly what's written in the summary and remains like that to the very end. Bonus point for the consistency.

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      2 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 255

      A very well written and enjoyable story. 

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      1 Likes · Like
      Status: c~236

      The story is original and interesting. Espetially as we learn more and more about the MCs past.

      Imo one of the best adventure type stories on this site. 5/5

      The non villain characters are likeable and fleshed out. 4/5

      I also really like the worldbuilding and Magic system. 5/5

      The combat however is not what I would have prefered 1/5 :


      It began with: The enemies having plot armour. That plot armour grows stronger in the newer chapters. (Naruto Style)

      Escalated into: the heroes are only alive because the villains spare them. That too escalates as time goes on.

      And even a couple of deus Ex machina moments (2).


      I will still rate this a 4/5, because my opinion on the battles is very subjective. If you like the premise, give it a try, the story will likely exceed your expectations.

      For those that share my sensibilities however this is more a 3/5.

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      1 Likes · Like
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