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Path of the Ascendant
Path of the Ascendant
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A million years ago, the Western Continent was forever changed by the establishment of Yi City, the largest nation in recorded history. Split into many districts, it was the greatest accomplishment of its creator, but its glory did not last long.

Now, it is separated, and even those connected to the ruling families may be reduced to servants. Yi Wei is one such servant, but even when she isn't being ordered around by the likes of her aunt, she struggles to make any progress in her cultivation. Her own talent seems subpar, and the strange, inert characters floating around within her dantian don't help in the slightest.

However, her life will be changed by a simple accident that will set her onto the path of growth and discovery. The Planar Continents hold many mysteries, and the path she has chosen gives her no choice but to investigate them, for that is the Path of the Ascendant.

(Sexual content will not appear prior to Volume 2. Futanari will not appear prior to Volume 3. The main content of the story is already complete and chapters will be released daily, with exception of bonus chapters, which will come out alongside main chapters. Bonus chapters are being written right now, and once they're done, I will move on to a new novel which will feature more sexual content and futanari, in case that's what you're interested in.)
(Also, if you come across this on a website other than Patreon or Scribblehub, it's stolen. I don't know why anyone would even bother (though at least two websites did), but please read it here, on

ActionAdultAdventureFantasyGirls LoveMartial ArtsMature
Clever Protagonist Confident Protagonist Conspiracies Cultivation Dao Comprehension Determined Protagonist Eidetic Memory Enlightenment Eye Powers Fantasy World Fast Cultivation Fast Learner Female Protagonist Futanari Genius Protagonist Library Proactive Protagonist R-15 R-18 Secret Organizations Special Abilities Unique Cultivation Technique Weak to Strong Xianxia
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    Status: v2c2: desolate lands

    It was good up until the end of the first volume where the author 


    decides to kill off all but 3 of the MCs allies and have the other 3 disappear kill off all of the notable characters excluding the ones that I previously mentioned, trap the protagonist in another dimension, and take away all but one of her powers and drastically nerf that one. To make it even more frustrating it wasn't because of her making enemies or doing something stupid two randos came out of nowhere and sealed her because they didn't like her parents. I'd be more accepting if they had a good reason but it just sounds like the authors making excuses.

    I'd have rated it a 4 previously but those choices spoiled it for me so I'm dropping the story and giving it a 3 since I enjoyed up until that point.

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    13 Likes · Like
    Status: the confrontation

    I give it five stars not because it is a unique cultivation story, but because it is enjoyable. It is a reasonable story with understandable characters. The thing that I liked most about this story is that the MC isn't targeted without reason, if at all. She just tries to carve out a nice life for herself whilst not trying to get murdered by her families elders for "having a heaven-defying artefact that is wasted on her" or something similar.

    As a conclusion, if you just enjoy a cultivation novel, then this is it.

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    5 Likes · Like
    Status: c0

    I've read the 15 chapters that are out at this time, which seems like enough to form an opinion. If you like cultivation stories, you will probably like this one. Granted, certain cliches unique to cultivation stories do feel a lot more toned down than in other works. The main character may have the "grow in power rapidly" trait like other mcs, but there isn't a lot of face slapping arrogant young masters or murdering enemies with wild abandon just yet. Whether you like that kind of thing or hate it is up to you. I don't mind it either way, I just like cultivation stories. Just note the tags, the author has said in a chapter comment section that the main character hasn't realized it, but she doesn't like men. Though neither the girl's love tag nor the futanari tag has come into play yet as of the fifteenth chapter.

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: v3c29: true face of...

    I'm afraid that by chapter 150 I'm going to drop this book. The story has become repetitive and boring, the characters feel devoid of any personality, and the MC feels like a robot since the end of the first volume, and the Prision Realm arc felt forced to no end. And with all of that, I cannot read the chapters because I literaly have to force my eyes open no to fall asleep. I hope that the author reads this and attempts to improve their writting for future novels.

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    2 Likes · Like

    I don't hate the story. Also I might pick this up again in the future as your writing definitely improved considering I prefer your other story. I just didn't get hooked by this one. 


    The exploding talisman was interesting, but afterwards it derailed too much for my liking. It just felt superficial and too focused on technique mumbojumbo. It was interesting to read for a bit but it was too many chapters on just theory. 

    Furthermore our main character barely interacted with others without meeting Hidden Masters that instantly took her as a disciple and which techniques she basically also mastered instantly. Till the RNG end it felt like Mary Sue. (I had to skip chapters.) We also never saw her really working and interacting more with her surroundings and other servants. (At least not till Application, I skipped to V1 end in the middle of it)

    Most of it also read like a diary instead of her having actual conversations and interacting with the world. It was more tell instead of show. She did that and that and that. Master: Wow you're amazing.

    Overall I feel like as a comment said that the first volume probably counts as a prologue, but at the same time I feel like it should have been 20 chapters at most and quite a bit could probably be improved on or cut out. There are also quite many events that didn't make sense to me. (Great Light attacks MC, Hidden Masters etc. //Why allow the disguise if you really can just kill people as you like in the application?)

    It just needs editing, but considering on how many chapters are out there it would probably be too much of a pain. I would usually give this a 2* but considering how I only read one volume it doesn't seem fair to do that.


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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: v4c4: growth and subterfuge

    so this is pretty great. This is a cultivation story that is attempting (and I would say mostly suceeding) at being very sensible and very consistent, also quite mysterious (which sometimes does make seeming holes in the story disrupting the consistency for a period of time (for example the apparently most liked review thinks that


    the MC gets targeted by some OP f**kers at the end of V1 because they didn't like her parents as an asspull but towards the later half of V3 we learn that there was a very good reason for it

    . There are some choices within the story that don't make much sense but for how expansive it is they are few and far between. What I would warn against and what any readers should consider is pacing. It is slow. Frequently the MC goes into internal monologues on her beliefs, plans or workings of the world making it 1:1 in length between MC's (oftentimes barely related) pondering and the rest of the story, I grow tired of it sometimes I am not gonna lie about that, but with a break from time to time this story has a lot to offer and I would generally recommend it.

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: volume one | yi city

    For now it is ok but can me bit more slow. Will change after completing the novel.

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: v5c61: state of the...

    The story is pretty good, though one has to pull through some bad parts every now and then and later in the story large amounts of inner monologue about random stuff that is mostly unimportant. It's good to know what wei yi wants to achieve once main villians are defeated but not in the middle of another scene

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