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/ Series / The Alchemist in the Apocalypse
The Alchemist in the Apocalypse
The Alchemist in the Apocalypse
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Due to his master, Eu Jin lived his entire life enclosed in a magical space where he worked day in and day out to make potions. He had never talked to anyone nor had he seen anyone apart from his master. After who knows how long, the seal to the magical space was broken by an unknown force, allowing Eu Jin to escape and see the world beyond his space.

However, why is everything disorderly and in ruins? There were trees, buildings, soil, and sky - but why are there blood everywhere as well?

“It’s the apocalypse.”, the boy he saved said to him.

Join Eu Jin as he tries to live his life in a post-apocalyptic world.

Alchemy Apocalypse Appearance Different from Actual Age Friendship Kingdom Building Magical Space
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      Status: chapter 12
      Jan 6, 2019

      Alright, since no one wants to review stories on this website... It is good grammar-wise and seems to have a definite path. However, chapters are short and so is the pacing. I plan on stacking up chapters because the recent chapters at the time of me typing this out keep ending on these weird notes. Other than that... there is nothing. I am pretty sure everything I read up until now could be condensed into one big chapter and feel about right lengthwise. I look forward to more.

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