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Light of the Shadow
Light of the Shadow
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Suddenly unable to think straight, she allowed her hand to run through his dark, long hair, and squeezed it as she felt his hot searing breath against the aching skin of her neck.
“I’m sorry for what I’ve done to you …” he whispered and Sarah shuddered when soft lips touched her skin right where her pulse beat stronger.
Images of him licking her blood filled her mind and her heart beat even faster, even though she was aware that he could easily feel it as well. She shivered when he took a deep breath, as if he were trying to absorb the scent of her skin, and his soft lips kissed her gently, one, two, three times, as he traced the line of her neck stealing her breath away.

Anti-social Protagonist Dark Death Destiny Fated Lovers Female Protagonist Guardian Relationship Handsome Male Lead Hiding True Identity Human-Nonhuman Relationship Male Protagonist Manipulative Characters Misunderstandings Modern Day Modern Fantasy Modern Time Multiple POV Non-human Protagonist Obsessive Love Past Trauma Phobias Protagonist Loyal to Love Interest Psychic Powers R-18 Selfish Protagonist
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