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/ Series / (NaNoWriMo) Solstice
(NaNoWriMo) Solstice
(NaNoWriMo) Solstice
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Coming of age five years after the Emissaries of Total Salvation burned his village to the ground, an errand boy named Emmett Sinclair receives a summons to the Sleepless Seminary, an academe for study of Magick in the neighboring province of Can Vahs. There are just two problems: He is a failure of a man when it comes to spellcasting, and he has a reputation of lying about seeing invisible magick.

After years of failed apprenticeships and a disappointed guardian, Emmett faces an uphill battle in his quest to finally develop his talents, figure out who he is, and maybe even help restore Charade Gin to its former glory one day.

Smaller Tag Warning: Girl's Love/Boy's Love tags have not been included yet, but a reader should be prepared for either or both happening. When one does, I'll add it.

AdventureFantasySchool LifeSupernatural
Adopted Protagonist Adventurers Battle Academy Character Growth Elemental Magic Fantasy World Magic Seeing Things Other Humans Can't Special Abilities Tragic Past Transgender Weak to Strong
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 19

    This is an ambitious new story that's well-written and set in a creative fantasy world with a detailed system of magic. The world doesn't just feel like "yet another generic fantasy world" - some thought clearly went into trying to do some unique world-building.

    The protagonist, let's say "Em", is an uncracked egg (trans and doesn't realize it yet) and it's hard not to root for them given all the horrible treatment they get from life in general. As of Ch19, Em is just beginning to realize they're trans. This also plays an important role in the story due to the way magic works in the world.

    While some stories don't do nearly enough to create conflict for their protagonists, this one is quite the opposite, with just about everyone around Em being a completely unforgivable monster to them. That's a good thing in my view (for a while, anyway) as I think most stories tend to not create enough conflict to really draw people in. Maybe I just like riding tortured roller coasters in my books. Even so, though, I will say that the motivation of some characters to be as absolutely over-the-top murderously horrid as they are in this case seems a little hard to buy into at times. Still, it wasn't anything completely out of thin air with no rationale so I was able to suspend disbelief and roll with it, and at this point I'm quite invested in the hope that Em will come into her own and give them (Patrick, Grace, Samael, Jacqueline, etc) all some cosmic heapings of comeuppance for their abuse.

    This isn't one of those stories that does nothing but torture the MC though - there is at least one friendly person at school along with a mentor who is looking out for Em, and it looks like things are improving for Em. Definitely looking forward to see how things play out from here!

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